July 22, 2013

The Neighborhood

The other day I confiscated all the iPods, iPhones, and xBox controllers. I put them on a shelf in a closet and then took a nap while my kids rested with books and their imaginations. I awoke to them laughing and playing so sweetly that I had to go see for myself. They had found their old Nintendo ds(es) however do you type those plurally anyway and so, I wasn't happy and was all OUTSIDE NOW.

Our outside

Our neighborhood is light on the neighbor part. We are one of only two houses on this side of the street, and the rest to the east is just empty lots and trees and wildflowers. Leaving us with beautiful views and empty streets to walk and ride. 

Our outside

And to the west, well, is the ocean.

Our outside

And there's also an Inn, with a water front restaurant and vending machines when the kids want to get candy, and across that a hotel on the beach where a friend works and we stop to say hi to her and her dog, and take the best path down to the sea. 

When I was their age I lived on Juniper Road and took my first ride on a ten speed in the driveway across the street. It was downhill and I could barely reach the pedals. 

When I was their age I lived on Pryor Road and walked with my brother to the corner video store with the circle tags on hooks and VHS tapes in clear plastic cases.

When I was their age I rode my bike by myself all over the place without my mother in sight. 


  1. You have an awesome neighborhood. It's perfect for bike riding. Glad you guys get out and explore. I forgot about you guys walking to the video store.

  2. beautiful! words, photos and place to live.

  3. Dear Stephanie
    Our house is also about 200m from the ocean. What a blessing to have the waves singing a lullabye every night when I go to sleep. And when the sea mst is thick, I open the sliding door to my room and allow the breeze in for a fresh visit.
    Blessings XX

    1. Same here! The sliding door in our room is almost always cracked for me to hear! Wonderful.


  4. Oh I so love this neighborhood. I dream of being your neighbor. Xo

  5. I would like to be your neighbor, too! I do the same thing with my kids- no more technology! OUTSIDE NOW!

    Lovely words, lovely pictures.
    Found you on the Just Write hop!


  6. time sure does change right! I find myself having a hard time letting them go all-by-themselves, so I go and do with them. They LOVE it, but makes me tired. I guess that is a compromise that I have to do, and I gladly do it, over and over again :-)

  7. Sounds like a lovely place to call home. I've said it once and I'll say it again --> so happy for you!



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