July 12, 2013

Ça Va

We've been here long enough to see new places built- a house in the neighborhood (still for sale), the new creamery, even long enough to see friends move away, and things torn down- the rundown hotel on Beach Loop, each time we pass a new hole, walls jagged and crumbled. Flowers appear in my yard that I didn't know about, because I haven't been here long enough, and suddenly there's blooms on the big green shrub on our back patio. One day green, the next morning all white. Every morning the weather is new- we came in the middle of winter, each day better than the next.

So, we're settling in. It's been not even six months since arriving, and actually not even a month since this house became officially ours. Still the new smell, but it also doesn't smell like other people's houses. It's us.

I love having a reason to buy new things. It's like I have permission to spend money- probably why I like grocery shopping and when the kids grow too big for their shoes. We didn't bring our dining table with us because I knew I wanted a new one, and this house calls for a big round instead of square, and so we've gone this long without a proper table. We are having a set custom made for us by a man in Old Town- sounds so ooh la la and it kind of is to me. But honestly it's nice to keep it local, and it was the better price anyway. And he delivers. We also need nightstands, and cozy reading area furniture, a big mirror for over the couch, and an artsy table and chairs for the kitchen nook. There's a fantastic used furniture store just up the street but I've never seen it open, just peeked in the windows. I've been told you have to leave a note in their door and they'll call and open up the shop for you, but I left my note a couple weeks ago and haven't heard back. I see there's other notes piling up when I drive by.

It still feels like we're "away" - from family, and sometimes real life. This weekend we have the market, another birthday party, and are going to see friends perform in a play. I don't ever remember waking up anywhere else so happy, so easy, and so free.


  1. your happiness is my happiness...

  2. This makes my heart sing for you. You have found your place.

  3. Awesome! I have always wanted to live somewhere where it feels like you're on vacation every day...maybe one of these days. Sounds like you have found yours. :)

  4. I have not been to your blog in forever. So much change!!!!
    I hope everything is going well! Oregon seems so lovely - I'd love to live there!!

  5. So happy to know that you're happy. :)

    Keep writing, Steph. I always look forward to your posts.


  6. We were blown away by the beauty of the Oregon Coast this week. Lucky you, to live there every day. I love that you love it.

  7. That last sentence made me smile so big. I am so glad you feel that way about your new home. I still don't feel at "home" in LA most days but after four years I like it pretty well... ;)


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