July 5, 2013

And Upward

Ivy and the Redwoods

We celebrated our first 4th of July here by driving to California with Jeff's parents to see the Redwoods. It was a gorgeous drive along the ocean and we made it home in time to see the fireworks over our beautiful town with our new friends.

I came home with a smile in my heart... knowing I've not only found home, I've also found my people.

Fireworks over Old Town Bandon


  1. Goosebumps Steph! Your people are lucky to have you :)

  2. I am SO glad you've found your place. This makes my heart smile. Love you dear friend.

  3. I LOVE the Redwoods! It feels so...Tolkienesque!

  4. So beautiful. We are driving to the Oregon Coast on Tuesday. I can't wait to see it. I've heard so much.

  5. Anymommy: I'm from Oregon and I can tell you the coast is amazing. Enjoy. I miss it a lot.
    Stephanie: I love the picks!

  6. Marvelous darlin. I miss the thought of you and talking to you even for bits. The way you write just draws me in and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a special woman, walking around and blessing. MWAH! MWAH!! MWAH!!!!

  7. Such a good feeling - not sure we've quite found that yet, but getting there...


  8. Well now THAT sounds like just about the most perfect holiday ever! I'm so glad you've found HOME...


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