July 24, 2013

County Fair

Coos County Fairgrounds

All my life I've gone to the same county fair every summer, usually with my mom and there's always fried vegetables and elephant ears involved. Our new county is over three times bigger than our old one, but only a third of the population. This is Oregon. And it is beautiful.



Motorcycle Ride

We parked our car by way of a person on horseback, with mountains of trees surrounding the fairgrounds. The most beautiful skies I've ever seen have been here. Last night was no exception. I'll maybe forgive them for not having elephant ears. Everyone was in line for scones. SCONES. Who knew.




July 22, 2013

The Neighborhood

The other day I confiscated all the iPods, iPhones, and xBox controllers. I put them on a shelf in a closet and then took a nap while my kids rested with books and their imaginations. I awoke to them laughing and playing so sweetly that I had to go see for myself. They had found their old Nintendo ds(es) however do you type those plurally anyway and so, I wasn't happy and was all OUTSIDE NOW.

Our outside

Our neighborhood is light on the neighbor part. We are one of only two houses on this side of the street, and the rest to the east is just empty lots and trees and wildflowers. Leaving us with beautiful views and empty streets to walk and ride. 

Our outside

And to the west, well, is the ocean.

Our outside

And there's also an Inn, with a water front restaurant and vending machines when the kids want to get candy, and across that a hotel on the beach where a friend works and we stop to say hi to her and her dog, and take the best path down to the sea. 

When I was their age I lived on Juniper Road and took my first ride on a ten speed in the driveway across the street. It was downhill and I could barely reach the pedals. 

When I was their age I lived on Pryor Road and walked with my brother to the corner video store with the circle tags on hooks and VHS tapes in clear plastic cases.

When I was their age I rode my bike by myself all over the place without my mother in sight. 

July 16, 2013


Swim Lessons

The kids have private swimming lessons this week. It's one of those parenting things that I feel like I should have done way long ago and am finally getting around to, kind of like dental appointments and changing the sheets. If you drive thirty minutes inland it almost feels like summer... almost! The kids say the pool is super warm, though.

On the beautiful and winding drive today I had some very deep thoughts about life and bookmarks and moving on and moving bookmarks.  It all was really great in my head, maybe a little Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da and anyway what's important is that I get it. 

And as of today I can no longer say that I've never been stung by a bee in my whole life. Ouch.

July 12, 2013

Ça Va

We've been here long enough to see new places built- a house in the neighborhood (still for sale), the new creamery, even long enough to see friends move away, and things torn down- the rundown hotel on Beach Loop, each time we pass a new hole, walls jagged and crumbled. Flowers appear in my yard that I didn't know about, because I haven't been here long enough, and suddenly there's blooms on the big green shrub on our back patio. One day green, the next morning all white. Every morning the weather is new- we came in the middle of winter, each day better than the next.

So, we're settling in. It's been not even six months since arriving, and actually not even a month since this house became officially ours. Still the new smell, but it also doesn't smell like other people's houses. It's us.

I love having a reason to buy new things. It's like I have permission to spend money- probably why I like grocery shopping and when the kids grow too big for their shoes. We didn't bring our dining table with us because I knew I wanted a new one, and this house calls for a big round instead of square, and so we've gone this long without a proper table. We are having a set custom made for us by a man in Old Town- sounds so ooh la la and it kind of is to me. But honestly it's nice to keep it local, and it was the better price anyway. And he delivers. We also need nightstands, and cozy reading area furniture, a big mirror for over the couch, and an artsy table and chairs for the kitchen nook. There's a fantastic used furniture store just up the street but I've never seen it open, just peeked in the windows. I've been told you have to leave a note in their door and they'll call and open up the shop for you, but I left my note a couple weeks ago and haven't heard back. I see there's other notes piling up when I drive by.

It still feels like we're "away" - from family, and sometimes real life. This weekend we have the market, another birthday party, and are going to see friends perform in a play. I don't ever remember waking up anywhere else so happy, so easy, and so free.

July 5, 2013

And Upward

Ivy and the Redwoods

We celebrated our first 4th of July here by driving to California with Jeff's parents to see the Redwoods. It was a gorgeous drive along the ocean and we made it home in time to see the fireworks over our beautiful town with our new friends.

I came home with a smile in my heart... knowing I've not only found home, I've also found my people.

Fireworks over Old Town Bandon

July 1, 2013


Jeff's parents are visiting for a couple weeks and we have been living like vacationers in our little tourist town. We showed them low tide and high tide, went tide pooling in Port Orford and ate hot dogs with sweet mustard at the Langlois Market. We saw seals and I'm hoping they'll get to see some whales, too, before they go. We ate fresh fish on the water, and walked down to the beach at sunset. We've gone antiquing and get iced coffee in Old Town Bandon almost every day. And we take naps with books in the afternoons.

The backdrop of this new life has become almost normal, looking through these pictures I catch my breath as this is my here and now. It picked us, or was chosen for us. Maybe a whole lot of both. 

Tide Pooling- Port Orford, OR

Tide Pooling- Port Orford, OR

Sunset- Bandon, Oregon with the fam

Three Amigos

Sunset- Bandon, Oregon