May 5, 2013

Little Mermaid

We watched the Little Mermaid for the first time together and when it was over 

she put on her mermaid skirt and grabbed her pail

and we walked down to the ocean.

Because we could

because she wants to be a mermaid and a teenager and thinks someday she will be both

and she wishes it was now

so I tell her she can be a mermaid when she closes her eyes,

you can dream you are anything, anyplace


I always will.


  1. Gorgeous as always. So glad you have the ocean to visit and Ivy has big dreams.

  2. love love love the imagination both in the the post and what you are living in real life... left imagination flow and living it out! I love it!

  3. Beautiful!

    Avi has been obsessed with mermaids too and loves her swimming lessons because of that.

  4. So amazing and beautiful, living vicariously through you from central indiana (and I know you know the central indiana landscape, gah)

  5. This? This is why I need a baby girl someday.

  6. I love that she has a mermaid skirt and such a great imagination!

  7. kids have such beautiful imagination.. and you are such a sweet mother for encouraging her to dream!:)

  8. Beautifully written.

    You'll always be one of my favorite bloggers. Just so you know. :)

  9. I hope she always stays that way! My Little Mermaid girl is all grown up now, but that was one of her favorite movies when she was young.

  10. I mean, come on, Stephanie! This post is gorgeous. I'm wandering around, looking for inspiration and catching up on our Incite Lovely pinterest board... and I do believe I've found everything I wanted. This is wonderful.

  11. This is perfect. She is perfect. You are perfect.
    I miss you so.


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