March 24, 2013

Whale spoken here

whale watching

This week is the start of the gray whale migration north along the coast. Carter saw a tale and some spouts and I think I saw something, too, but I'm not sure. I learned that their swimming pattern is to surface for air a few times and then go down for longer periods before coming back up again. I think I'm migrating, too.

I don't know, if you can migrate like running in place? I am finding I don't need to come up for air here as often as before. I'm on my way somewhere. Not totally off the page, but I just feel like writing is one of the many ways that I am creative. I am enjoying the other many ways during my deep dive. Baby alpaca on my needles and soft through my fingers, glue and paint on my hands, ocean in my lens, food on the table.

I figured something out the other day- that while I feel our new home is familiar and comfortable to me, to everyone and everything else I am still kind of a visitor. I am receiving and embracing and now I wait for it in return.


  1. Your second paragraph is gorgeous. Glad you're finding joy in all the newness.

  2. whale watching, how fun!
    and I understand the rest of this post, sorta feel the same :-)

  3. ...and this perfectly explains why you're absence here can even be a beautiful thing, lovely images written here - as always!
    needle and nest

  4. This is something Megan and I were talking about at Blissdom. When many of us started blogging (oh so many years ago) our babies were little. This was an easy outlet for our creativity. Now that our children are older and want more privacy (rightly so), we are finding other avenues for our creativity. At least, I know this is the case for me. Oooh...I feel a post brewing ;) haha!
    I love seeing you when you get to pop in, but am so glad that I have other ways of keeping in touch with you - my soul sister. xoxo

    1. We talked about that, too. And how I feel like I'm loosing my footing but I don't seem to mind like I once would have. Somewhere along the way I've learned to fall gracefully (or at least somewhat gracefully). And I love what Jon Acuff said in his keynote about not having to have the end in sight to get started on the journey. I've started. I'm migrating, and I'm trying so hard to be okay with not knowing exactly where I'm migrating to.

      You were missed at Blissdom, friend.

  5. Uh huh. I always feel you so deeply. You say BIG things in so few words.

  6. I just love the flow of your thoughts. You make me wish I was crocheting more on the little things I have started. AND I want some seaside!!!!

  7. Migrating. Oh, yes. Reading here is always like popping up for breath and not minding the sinking again. <3

  8. I LOVE the way you write! You say so much with such simplicity and beauty.

    I too find that I am coming up for air less on the page and exploring many other creative outlets.


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