February 22, 2013

Talent Show

Ivy, new earrings!

Ivy got her ears pierced. For a long time she didn't want to, but suddenly it's all she could talk about and so, I had promised I would only do it when she asked, and off we went! She did great, kind of acted like it was no big deal really. I must note that when choosing her starter earrings, she pointed right at the largest fake diamonds they had- like 2 carat CZs! "I want diamonds." I redirected her to the much smaller sparkly pink flowers.

We went out for sushi afterwards and she ate an entire veggie roll, miso soup, and cucumber salad. She also thoughtfully asked me, "Who's the guy on the penny again?" And not one person we encountered the entire day didn't find out about her new earrings. The best part was that every single one made a big to-do about it and she just gobbled that up.

Last night was Grayson's elementary school talent show. I took him and Ivy and it was absolutely darling in the gym with old mismatched folding chairs, except for the fact that the minute it started both kids turned into limp heavy ragdolls on either side and couldn't sit up straight for the life of me. They laid all over my lap/chest/legs the entire time. Gray plucked at my arm hairs and Ivy literally wept when she found out that she wasn't in the talent show. Still, it was worth it, and I was so impressed by these little folks here in our new adorable town.


  1. I love your stories and updates. And, I'm not sure if I've ever actually told you before (after all these years), but I can't get over how much Ivy and Axel look like they could be siblings. Something in their little faces. I love it. Ever since that girl jumped into my (and John's!) arms in her little swimsuit, I've fallen for her. <3

  2. Adorbs! Love hearing about your new adventures.. and even the sweet lil' moments too. ;o)
    needle and nest design

  3. She as an eyes for beautiful shiny pricey jewelry, gotta love that :-) The earring just look darling on her!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Oh my goodness....the good ol' arm hair plucking. I don't know why it gives me the giggles, but it does. I miss holding Gray:) She is so beautiful with her sparkly flower ears. XO

  5. Ivy is such a muse. That spirit and wonder she holds! I love that she wanted to get her ears pierced. And you let her. And she's so proud. I love hearing glimpses of your new tiny town.

  6. I have an 8 year old, I'm still ignoring her request for "fancy ears".

    Ivy looks AWESOME!

  7. I love that she thought she was performing--TOTAL HEARTBREAK.

  8. Love her and that she eats Japanese food.

  9. Stephanie, your daughter sounds like mine - she is 2 going on 22 with her fashion antics, choosing what she wants to wear and which fabrics she wants for new trousers! We've just made her a pair of leopard animal print pants that she just won't take off! Keep catching her admiring herself in the full length mirror!

    Zoe xxx

  10. The little pink flowers are perfect. Good choice, Momma. :)

  11. I just love how Ivy looks in her new earrings. Good choice. She is such a little princess.


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