January 14, 2013

Time Traveler

mushroom catcher


It's warm today, almost muggy. I can see into the backyards of the homes around us and across the way leaves left over from the melted snow swirl then run off in a line, like school kids, in a row. They scurry past my window and I think they are small animals. They walk with legs and swinging arms. Marching upright, soldiers. But they are just leaves.

Ivy giggled in her sleep this morning, her head on my pillow. I wondered how many fairies were born right then. I think dozens. Upon dozens.

It smells different here, and I can't put my finger on it. Later in the day I decide it smells like the past, like home or Easter, a time that I've never spent in Ohio before. This is the first time I've been here for this kind of scent in the air, this season, this month, this weather. This should be home now, but it's confusing because I know it's only temporary so I kind of shrug it off even though it keeps nudging me to notice.


I think if I had the energy and wherewithal to compose a really long post I'd like to write about how I'm a chameleon and I've always been. Some people might call it easy going or a adaptable but they don't see my handwriting, how I can make it look like hers with just a glance. They don't know what book I just read to make me write like this or maybe I'm underestimating my observer and they really can tell by this phrase or that. Who I've been watching to make my voice sound like that even though I don't even mean to. It just happens. Maybe they are just nice and don't bring it up.


  1. I was thinking back to when I first started blogging and who is still around and who I am so happy is still around - you were the first to pop into my heart. Keep writing my friend. It not only suits you, its good for me too :)

    Janelle (Nell)

  2. A chameleon. Gah. That is so ME TOO! I do that with voices ALL the time! And probably mannerisms and writing too. Sometimes I wonder if it's because I lack a true defined sense of self. So I just grab onto someone else. Because it's easier to make myself look like them, than to figure out what I really look like after all this time. Or maybe and hopefully if it's just a stupid habit that means truly nothing at all : )

  3. hmmm lovely. Now, 'chameleon' or not.. I think we see your true colours 'shining out' and that's why you're beautiful.. you know, like a rainbow. ;o)
    Now I feel like someone else's singing voice!
    needle and nest design

  4. I do believe that you and I are soul sisters. I could have written this. I don't have my own accent because I just take on any one elses that I am around.
    If I were seeing you in March, I'd sound like I was from Chicago ;)
    Miss you friend.

  5. I have different mannerisms depending on who I've been with/what I've been reading/etc. Sometimes I wonder if people know the real "me."

  6. My husband is like that. So much so that I think he's partly half Cajun now. ;) Being adaptable is a really good thing.


  7. I would say you're like a sponge, a sponge that can soak up all the delicious things life has to offer and re-purpose them for the better of yourself, your family and others.

  8. Quite honestly, I wish I were more adaptable.

  9. You are one of the most unique people I read. So, chameleon on! Also "Ivy giggled in her sleep this morning, her head on my pillow. I wondered how many fairies were born right then. I think dozens. Upon dozens." I'm in love with this paragraph. IN LOVE.


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