January 29, 2013

On The Road: Days 1-5

Estes Park, CO
Estes Park, CO

I'd planned to take a photo of the kids spelling O-H-I-O in front of the house before we left but it was snowing and I was absolutely exhausted after the movers left and we were in the car by the time I remembered. Friday's drive to Indiana was torturous to say the least. A five hour drive took nine hours. I'm done talking about it.

Saturday we spent with family and getting new tires on my car and getting Ivy one last haircut from the only person who knows how to perfectly do her hair. I went to sleep so very blue and tearful, dreading the goodbyes to come in the morning. Such a strange feeling to look forward to the journey but be afraid to go. 

Sunday we went out to breakfast and then were off by 10am. Pandora's Simon & Garfunkel station was the absolute best roadtrip soundtrack. My dad and I sing quite a duet. We made it to Lincoln, Nebraska for a late dinner and as soon as we walked into our hotel rooms we went straight to bed. 

Half the day Monday was spent in Nebraska STILL. Ugh with all the Nebraska! And horrid fog, like at least 4 hours straight of low visibility I probably shouldn't have driven in but I kept thinking it would get better. It never did, until we got to beautiful Colorado. 

Colorado 2013
my four relaxin and chillaxin

We decided to take a couple days to relax here in Longmont with my Aunt Susie & Uncle Jerry. We went to bed pretty early and slept well! This morning we were totally lazy until lunchtime. I was even able to knit and catch up on Downton. We went out for BBQ and then drove through the mountains to Estes Park and back. The kids were in awe, as was I. It was so perfect I cried with utter happiness.

Ivy & Aunt Susie
in the kitchen with Aunt Susie

I love spending this time with my Aunt Susie. She has a book on how to speak dog. We just get each other. And Ivy has been her little shadow, of course.

So, this all is just funny because I definitely don't feel like we are moving, but I do kind of feel like I'm homeless but in a laissez faire way, and it also doesn't feel like a vacation. It just feels like, we are here and let's just enjoy it. 


  1. I have been wondering about all the awesome scenery you have had the chance to lay eyes on. Simply awesome.

    Continue to have safe travels, can't wait to read about you, the kids and Jeff all back together again.

  2. I saw the highway 36 sign and thought, hmm...that's right by me, and it turns out you are. Love the word chillaxin. Still wishing you safe travels...

  3. I met Husband in Grand Lake, Colorado--not far from Estes Park! Beautiful cannot even begin to describe that area!


  4. Yes, just BE in the moment and the place where you are. It's the beset you can, especially in this transition time. Be safe. Love the photo of Ivy and Aunt Susie. :)

    Oh and Estes Park is like one of THE prettiest places ever...

  5. Her hair cut is ADORABLE! Safe travels the rest of your journey! I'm happy you are seeing special people along the way. That's awesome!

  6. I LOVE the picture of Susie standing there in her apron..reminds me of Gram...and Ivy couldn't be more cute.You are living the dream. Pretty soon you will be able to say "Home again home again jiggidy jig"...Love you!

  7. Oh Steph, I want you to know I have been thinking about you all and praying for continued safe travels. What an exciting adventure you are on.

    I cannot imagine what those goodbyes were like. Hugs.

    How special that your Dad is doing this with you.

    Cannot wait to hear that you are there and settled and in you your hubby's arms!


  8. I just can't stop looking at the picture of Susie and Ivy...It's so 50's...

  9. Mmmm... I love this update and the description of how you feel. That photo of Ivy and Aunt Susie is perfect.

    Love you. Thinking of you and your big changes.

  10. I love this. In flux. It's going to keep being so good, with hard parts. But mostly good. Because that's how you see it.

  11. You were (are?) in my neck of the woods- Colorado. The mountains surely do take your breath away, huh? Love this update. Thinking of you and your family during this time.

  12. Your kids will remember this forever. I love that you're just being easy with it -- I think they will treasure this time with you and with each other on the cusp of the Next Exciting Thing so much, later in life. Good stuff.

  13. I think that if you can enjoy where you are, you've got it made. Pretty much no matter what.


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