November 29, 2012

Open to Close

"You know, so many writers don't like to write. They must, they do it under the compulsion that makes any artist what he is... but they really don't enjoy trying to turn a thought into a reasonable sentence." -Harper Lee 1964

oh this day

In the morning I open all of the blinds downstairs when the sun is just about to rise. I shuffle around and pick up, make the coffee.

At night I read a book by the light of the lamp clamped to the arm of an old wooden chair next to my bed, until my eyes are too heavy.

In between, I am maestro, conductor, the center of their gravity. I am steel.

I always write, I envision a whole chapter at the stoplight, how the green glow reflects up on the metal and how this needs to be recorded, so that I don't forget? So that I can make someone else feel what I feel? Because it's just plain beautiful? Lately it only stays in my head. And I think I'm finally comfortable there.

In between and into the beyond, I fill the hours with the things that need to be done, things I want to do, this moment to that moment,

turning the rod to close the blinds again.


  1. I think the majority of the world are writers that never put the words to paper (or computer) because so much gets written in our minds that there just isn't enough paper (or screenspace) to record it...

    But I'm always glad to read the moments that you DO capture, Steph.

  2. I wake up with things to write in my head many mornings and i Have to get to my computer or a pad and pen FAST! Love the quote and your last line...

  3. i wish i were a writer at heart. i think i'm just a feeler.

    it was so good to see your face tonight. anika woke up part way & saw it, too. you all are missed by us all!

  4. This happens to me when I am running or in the shower or driving. I get it. Then I sit to write and sometimes I just know this is best kept inside and other times I just plain forget the exact words and that is okay.

    Sometimes I try so hard to put it to words on the page as if what I am feeling isn't real until I do and someone else reads it.

    Be well, my friend.

  5. That's it. Right there. So many thoughts that could be famous quotes if only we could pick the brains of the amazing "could be writers". Beautiful stop light description :)


  6. you are an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  7. Last night just after I shut out the light and was lying in bed, I picked up my phone to write myself a note about a blog post I wanted to remember to write tomorrow. And found a note about another blog post I'd wanted to write. Except the note was so cryptic I didn't honestly remember what brilliance had inspired that note, also written at bedtime, after a long day of orchestrating life for many folks. And now here I sit in the morning, having just turned open the living room blinds on another day. Thanks for reminding me that so many of us occupy this very important space in life, a space where important things happen even on days where not everything happens that we envision....
    Mary, momma to many

  8. "Jo's ambition was to do something very splendid. What is was, she had no idea as yet, but left it for time to tell her."

    -Little Women

    Read this quote last night. I love everything about this post.

    1. Oh, I love this...thanks for sharing!! :)

  9. I, for one, love it when you write here ;) You inspire me and I thank you for that! I think it's because I feel that you get it...that you're honest and raw about life and motherhood....
    I hope everyone is well!!

  10. Beautiful photograph, and oh your words, words words Darling Steph! You make me want to be a better writer.

  11. "In between, I am maestro, conductor, the center of their gravity." Love this.

    I consider myself a writer but not so much as you. I so admire your ability to take the mundane and give it wings. You are absolutely one of my writing heroes.

  12. Just found your blog today:) I love this post...I've been realizing this lately, it's a miracle if I get something written down in a day, I feel like I'm writing in my head all the time though :)

  13. I get this. Writing in my head - all of the time, every moment of every day - but only part of it makes it on to paper.


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