October 11, 2012

ten eleven twelve

Sorbus gloves

I'm knitting again. I'm always knitting again but whatever I enjoy it and wish I didn't have such a craving for expensive yarns. But they are so very soft. I made these for me and already have this on the needles.

I saved up the trip to Target today with a nice fat list. We needed new sheets for our bed, an iPod for Gray, paper towels, and a bunch of other little things, and I hadn't had Starbucks in a while.

We drove around for a bit and I'm finding the roads that take me to the roads I already know and my eyes devour the fruity pebble leaves in the gold sun and I remember to let the air out and think that if anyone were to open me right up they'd see that all she ever wanted was for someone else to be the one to say that everything is going to be okay. 


  1. everything is definitely going to be alright.

    so refreshing to see you this weekend. wish there were more time, but thankful it can still happen.

    [yes, that was evie. i get an 'F' in email right now.]

  2. Not only is it going to be okay, it's going to be even better than you imagined. I hope you are encouraged today by a friend, or a moment or a pause. I promise you're not alone. I have to daily remind myself that it's going to be okay...that God has bigger plans for me than even I can dream up. :)

    Pretty knitting! :) Looks like fun!

  3. everything is going to be ok.

  4. They turned out so nice...love them and can't wait to wear mine...(no pressure)....And it IS going to be ok!

  5. I'll tell you, and then you can tell me... ;)
    "everything, Everything, EVERYTHING... Will.be.ok!!"
    Philippians 4:6

  6. Someone with your talent deserves the expensive yarn & Starbucks. :)

  7. It always has gotten better, right? It always will.

    Peace and hugs!

  8. Much love for you friend. I bet your house smells AMAZING right about now. :-)

  9. gorgeous. bob marley does it for me sometimes. every little thing.

  10. I just said that last line to Al last night! I kept telling him, "Everything's going to be okay," and he finally said, "I know. Why do you keep telling me that?" and I said, "I don't know. I think I need someone to say it to me, like a lot." I so get that feeling. xo

  11. Wow, that last line just took my breath away. So beautiful and honest...I feel that way right now, but never could've expressed it so enchantingly.

  12. Everything is going to be okay.

    And the gloves are great!


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