October 29, 2012


If I want Ivy to hold my hand, I let mine fall limp. Her grasp will tighten, and she hangs on.

If I strengthen my grip, she will pull away. Every time.

I don't really know what this means. I imagine it can be metaphorical for so much. Keeping her safe while nurturing independence. Control. Freedom. Other people, and me. God, and me.

When the situation calls for it - most often in the Target parking lot- I say "hand!" and reach for hers. If I didn't, she would dance right into moving traffic, with the best of intentions. So, I reach and I lead while letting her think she is leading.

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  1. They are wonderfully tricky little devils. Nate cries when he's not holding my hand, which makes him my easiest parking lot child by miles!

  2. This is a metaphor for pretty much everything with a toddler! So cute.

  3. Brilliant metaphor and also very in tune and conscious parenting...

  4. It's a daughter thing perhaps.

  5. Yes - I get this! The insightfulness of what it can/does represent (now I will think of it each time my son holds my hand).
    My three year old is better holding my pocket. For some reason that works over trying to hold his hand - I assume for similar reasons you hold your daughter's hand loosely. :)

  6. It's a dance isn't it, a tango of sorts, this motherhood thing.


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