September 21, 2012

ins and outs

Ivy started a multimedia art class at the library yesterday (I wish I could take a multimedia art class but haven't found a classtime that works with our schedule yet) and when I got there the teacher said parents usually leave and I'm like "THE BUILDING?" and she's like "Yes" and I'm like "SEEYOULATEROUTTAHERE!" and I went to Starbucks and Michael's for spray paint to do this project on a huge painting I found at Goodwill. I'm too chicken to start on it yet. Maybe today.

We usually run errands in the morning and then are always back here to have lunch. That pretty much sums up our "routine." Then I'll read and do laundry or run the dishwasher. I can't do laundry and run the dishwasher at the same time due to electrical mumbojumbo reasons. I don't know. We're renting. Then sometime after the boys get off their buses I start thinking about what to make for dinner. We've only eaten out once as a family since we moved here- once! While I'm cooking I send everyone to the backyard to get good and tired and out of my hair. I'm convinced to almost superstition that it's the only way they'll go to sleep at a decent time.

What else. We have two chipmunks who hang out on our back deck and we feed them trail mix every morning and afternoon. They are the cutest (and best!) pets ever. The squirrels here are humongous. I literally thought there was a bear in the tree outside the kitchen window yesterday but it was just a really really big black squirrel.


  1. Looks like Gray is having fun! Did you hang the birdhouse?

  2. " when I got there the teacher said parents usually leave and I'm like "THE BUILDING?"

    Ok THAT made me laugh out loud. And I would have sprinted out of there.

  3. You have black squirrels?!

    *moves to Ohio*

  4. What a cool project! I'll enjoy seeing your final piece. I'm glad you got some kiddo free time!


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