August 1, 2012

The Name Of The Day

It's a comfort when I come across something I've written in the past and find it circles back to me. I feel that way about the following post - especially during a scene in my kitchen this morning: "Popcorn for breakfast? Uh, why not?"- originally published June 29, 2011.

lightning bug or firefly?

We write the name of the day on the chalkboard every morning because it's pretty

I'll know
what day it is.

They sizzle and fizzle by. At night we catch fireflies - songs have taught my children to know them by that name but I will always call them lighting bugs. Better than Gray's version of glow butts.

I show them how to capture soft and gentle in their hands, I poke generous holes in loose foil lids with a pencil. When we are asleep they fly back home to their families. We must be very careful with their wings.

Last night we went out for ice cream and they wanted double scoops and I said why not. I had two, too. And I didn't regret it.


  1. I love how your words are packed with meaning even in just a few short sentences ... and I'm there in your painted picture gleaning my own truths from your thoughts.

  2. I could feel the tenderness of this post.

  3. I agree to the above - I love how you paint pictures with your words. As always, beautiful!


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