August 15, 2012

The last week here.

fireplace room

Here's a sneak peek of our fireplace room. That's what we call it for now. Jeff's there, moving a few things in  until the kids and I arrive with the rest of our stuff next Monday, if all goes as planned. And so far, everything is going almost too-according-to-plan. So well that I am getting actually getting used to it and am no longer on edge wondering when something is going to go wrong. I'm all in for all these good things. I'm going to let it ride.

I met with our realtor yesterday and our house should be listed today maybe? I'm not sure if I'll share the link here but probably will on Facebook and Twitter because we need to sell this house fast! And I imagine someone scooping it right up. I can't wait.

Last night we were able to sneak in a farewell visit with dear loves for pizza and the park and so far, it doesn't really feel like our last week here. It just feels right, whatever it is, and not painful, just sweet. I think it's because we all know we'll see each other again, and our connection is more than flesh and blood.

I finally found The Best Hair Stylist Ever and now we move, of course, but I have one last appointment with him this morning thanks to a friend's generous offer to entertain all my kids for me.

This week I am also in a wedding. It's actually wonderful timing, and I'm really looking forward to a night away in Chicago with Jeff, one last hurrah before we truly say good bye. And how full circle and real-life blogging becomes... Ashlee was one of my first blog friends turned real life besties and now I have the honor of standing up in her wedding. See what I mean about all the good things?


  1. What a glorious, bittersweet time. I cannot wait to read more about your Adventures in Ohio.

  2. I can't wait to sit in front of that fireplace and maybe make smore's with the Grands...It's so homey. Things are falling into place accordingly and I have a great feeling that your house will sell fast. You and Jeff have God's favor!

  3. I am so excited for you!!! New beginnings are always amazing, even if a little sad too. Thinking all good things!

  4. I adore those canvases like your header. Perfect! Hope all goes well with the move. I know those bittersweet feelings all too well... xoxo

  5. Have a wonderful time at the wedding and good luck with the move my friend!

  6. Steph, I am so very excited for your new endeavor, and also a bit jealous! Can't wait to see the adventures that lie ahead for you...

  7. Goodbyes and beginnings.....bittersweet. Thinking of you as you transition through all of this.

    And now, may I just share the one thing that popped into my head when reading this post?

    I just have to know.

    Does this new-to-you house have a dishwasher?

    May I admit that I'm rooting for the fact that it does? =)


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