August 23, 2012

More normal than I thought they'd be.

The first day of school went great! I was up so so very early with Noah and we drove over to our house so that he could catch the bus there. The sunrise was amazing with the fog rolling on the hills. I am actually thankful I didn't miss it. It really feels like we are on vacation here, but this is home!

I met some of our neighbors and even though we're renting our house for now, I am absolutely in love with the neighborhood. It's so quiet and still and friendly.

Noah gets off the bus first, and I was relieved that he remembered which stop was ours, and then Carter's bus comes about the same time as Gray's an hour later- on opposite ends of the block! We were also waiting for our moving truck to arrive at that moment. Everyone made it and I think we're going to try a different bus stop for Gray today behind our house that I think might be more convenient. Noah has a theatre arts class and he thinks it's pretty cool (as do I!) Carter was super stoked about his new teacher and friends, and Gray's only comment about his first day was a long ranty complaint about the kids being too noisy on the bus. So, things are more normal than I thought they'd be after all.


  1. I love Gray. He cracks me up. :)
    So glad your kids are settling in so quickly!

  2. Moving can be so's surprising how "normal" carries on its act even with a backdrop of monumental change. Welcome to northeast Ohio, sweet neighbor. ;-)

  3. YAY for a great first day! Prayers were answered. And that's typical

  4. It's surprising how adaptable kids really are... I think change is worse on adults! LOL Glad to hear you had a smooth first day of school.

  5. After a big move normal is GOOD. :)

  6. Glad to hear that it is going ok. Good luck with unpacking.


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