August 26, 2012

Home, where I wanted to go

We won't have Internet until Wednesday so I'm at Caffe Gelato by myself in a comfy chair near an outlet with my iced "back to school blues" blueberry latte and veggie panini sandwich. Life is pretty good. It really is.

The landscape is beautiful here- so many hills and trees- I love that I can see trees out every window in our house. And the sky... the sunrises and sunsets are magnificent. Jeff said we are over 400 feet higher than where we moved from and I told him see I am not crazy for thinking we were closer to the clouds! 

new closet

We've been "home" for two nights now. As each box gets unpacked and closets get filled, it's feeling more like us. There's several more rooms in this house than our old one, so we're trying to figure out what to put where and what to buy for here or there. Gray and Ivy have their own rooms for the first time. They are doing great with the changes and are already taking charge of their space.

Keep Out

On one of the last evenings before moving, my friend Chrissy gave me a beautiful present as we parted. I was so excited to unwrap it last night and Jeff hung it immediately in the most perfect spot in our entry way. It really was like we were taking claim of this place, declaring it home.

Home (Flower House Daytime)


  1. So happy to hear you're settling in and enjoying, Steph. It all looks and sounds so perfect! xx

  2. Home is where love is. The art is beautiful. And I love Gray's sign!

  3. Those first few days in your real home, the home you feel in your bones, is like magic. So happy for you.

  4. Oh yes, the hills here. I love driving and rounding bends and generally living closer to the clouds.

    Glad things are going well. Meet up soon?

  5. Oh my goodness:) This just makes my heart burst! That sign on Gray's door is so awesome. I can't wait to see all of the incredible memories this house shares with many fingerprints yet to be made on your new blank canvas. XXXOOO

  6. I'm sorry you lost me when you said you got to go somewhere by yourself :). Glad you are settling in and I could thank you a million times over for introducing me to Chrissy, I just love her.

  7. Home is where the heart is...and it looks like your heart is there.....I'm so happy you have so much space

  8. I am so happy for you.

    Bless you!


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