July 3, 2012



Carter turns ten next week. I will have two kids in the double digits. It's incredible.

When I asked if I could take his photo, Ivy screeched for us to WAIT! while she got out of her pjs to get in the picture, too. That's why her shirt is on backwards.

Most of the clothes my kids wear are thrifted or hand-me-downs, but when I'm shopping resale I have my favorites, like American Apparel, Boden, Gap, etc. I just started shopping Thred Up - an online consignment shop. They gave me a store credit to pick out a few things (including the American Apparel shirt Carter's wearing above) and I was super impressed. I'll definitely be browsing their racks again. Use code TU10 for 10% off your first purchase if you'd like to check them out, too (and I noticed they have a code on the site for $10 off your order today if that's a better deal for you.)

They love each other, a lot.


  1. Awh! Can't believe our Carter Bear turns 10. Love seeing the Love between those 2.

  2. Happy Early Birthday Carter! Love Ivy's backwards shirt. :) That last picture? OHHHHHH MY HEART <3

  3. I am in the same boat as you. My second will be 10 this month too. Two kids in the double digits just doesn't seem real.

  4. I have 3 older brothers. I'm the only girl (and the baby.) The oldest 2 are twins, but the second born of the twins has always been my favorite. We have a special connection. Reminds me of Ivy and Carter when you post about them. So sweet!

    Aimee S.

  5. I can NEVER find Boden resale. EVER. You are so lucky.

    And my Emma turns 10 on Saturday. AUGH.

  6. I love kids clothing thrift shops. I've found some great finds there. Here's a question on a different note - I've been blogging for over a year now, and I'm wondering - how do I protect my family's identity? Is this a concern of yours?

    1. That's a very good question. We already weren't anonymous because of Noah's illness early on, so we are all public. If I could do things over again I would have been more private and anonymous definitely. I did see there was just the Digital Family conference - I wonder if they'd have some resources for you? http://www.digitalfamilysummit.com/


  7. Ooooh -- Thanks for the resource and happy happy birthday to Carter! -- Darlene

  8. Such a great concept! We trade + shop at our local consignment shop frequently, but I like the idea of doing the same thing from the comfort of my home.



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