July 27, 2012

Summer O' Twelve

I wonder what they will remember about this summer. I hear the bullfrogs outside their window as I check on them in their beds. What will we hear at our next house?

Will they remember the time their mom only wore long maxi dresses day in day out, either the black one, brown one, or purple one, the packing tape rrrRRRing across another box, feet padding down and up the stairs all day long.

Was it exciting? Thrilling? This unknown? With just weeks before the start of school and no idea just where school would be. They won't know it for many years that the look on my face was worry, about school and the house and really wanting it to be The House - more grand than she could imagine - while gently assuring "I'm happy as long as we're together, wherever we are."

Just what will they remember about that brief time this place was actually clean, and dad was gone already and mom remained unhinged until the weekend and he would put her back together?


  1. They will only remember how awesome it was to play with boxes,to find the toys that were hidden under piles and the love that thier mom had for them,no matter how worried she thought she appeared.

    Good things await you all.
    Have u told you how much I will miss you? I will

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  3. If one of your boys is like one of mine, he will want to roam to house with a camera in hand taking pictures of every surface, so he can remember the house of his youth. (Sidenote: we moved about a mile away.)
    I think Crooked Eyebrow is right the will the boxes and discoveries and their mama's love. Good luck!

  4. If I think back to my childhood, I don't remember my mom's crankiness or frazzled moments...I simply remember her love and that she was alway ALWAY there for us. I'm pretty sure your kids will remember the same! :)
    Praying things come together at just the right time!! And I know they will :)

  5. Oh it is such a process. AND maxi dresses look MARVELOUS on you, Beauty!

  6. OH I think they're going to remember you and your love for them. And I loooove maxi dresses, possibly my favorite thing to come from this summer. :D

  7. They'll remember the love. It overpowers all.

  8. oh, hon.

    I've been gone (physically and mentally) for the last couple weeks so I'm just catching up with you. I hope you're hanging in there, sister. Much love to you and your gorgeous littles.

    It's the end of a weekend, so I'm hoping you had some good recharge time with Jeff and are geared up for the week to come. xoxo

  9. Moving is hell, but only for the adults. They will remember how you made it all smooth for them, how you had extra family time, how much fun it was to play in an empty house. I know; we moved every two years for 18 years. xo.


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