July 28, 2012

So we did.

splash pad

There is something therapeutic about boxes. Emptying a room into many boxes. Filling my car with boxes, it's one of the most peaceful projects. Walk over to the box, pick it up, carry it to the car. Repeat. I can do this, simple tasks right now are what all my mind can handle.

In between storage unit drop-offs we passed the splash pad- a place I thought we'd be almost all summer and have yet to really partake- and Ivy insisted we stopped. So we did. 

A toddler there with her dad kept coming up to me saying "Mama." That was a little weird.

In the midst of all the craziness, I'm still making my videos for Mommalogues. And I still really love this job and hope it sticks (got any burning questions you'd like to see us answer?)


  1. Your comment about the splash pad made me think a out how quickly summer is flying by. I thought we'd do a lot of things we haven't yet! I'll bet it's even crazier when you're moving!

  2. Summer is so flying by! We need to stop at more splash bads despite the awful heat and enjoy these days full of sunshine! Love that pic of Ivy!

  3. Glad you stopped too. I would love to see the kids playing in the splash pad. I can't believe summer is flying by and I have not even been to the beach.


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