July 20, 2012

Little Boxes

I came downstairs to find the kids cutting our moving boxes and using up all my (newly bought) packing tape to make little bedrooms and while I was especially irritated that they were using our precious resources I was also relieved that they were finally doing something creative other than moping around on the couches like frail children because they couldn't watch TV. Seriously at one point they couldn't keep their heads up.

Our house still isn't for sale yet. In a perfect land, it would have gone as planned: fix it up over time here and there so that we could sell it next year. Not, like, next week. But that's what we have to do, so I just hope the people who come through here get that and don't judge. We love this house and we've definitely lived in it to the fullest- a baby was even born up in here. We'll probably leave that part out of the description.


  1. Haha, every time I drive by the apartment where G was born I point it out to her! ;)

  2. Sending lots of prayers your way. You can do it Mama!! I have faith! :o) Remembering my Bible study - God gives you grace and the ability to do these difficult things! Hugs!

  3. haha, this brings back memories of what the boys did to our moving boxes ;)

  4. Am I the only one who finds it difficult to leave a house where one of my children was born?

    Hoping you have a smooth, easy move and that someone falls in love with your house and buys it quickly. :)


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