July 21, 2012

Litmus Test

Ivy, moving

We're TV-free but still like movies. While putting together a lasagna in the kitchen. Ivy and I watched Matilda on my laptop.

"Mom, does Matilda's dad love her?"

"Well, honey, I think he probably loves her, a little bit, but he's not a very nice person. And he doesn't know how special she is."

"You know how special I am!"

I sure do and if ever there was a defining moment that I felt like a good mom, it was then.

PS When you're moving it's not so weird to take pictures on furniture outdoors. (Ivy's crown hand-made by Erika aka Inspired Mama.)


  1. Too cuutteee! I love Ivy's sweet smile :)
    And yeah the posing-on-funiture-before-moving thing is perfectly normal. ;)

  2. Awww!

    ps-I love Matilda!

  3. Go you, Mama! So important for our kids to know how much they are loved :)

  4. For just a moment, I could see a teenage Ivy, dressed in her funky bohemian style, legs kicked up on the arm of the chair, happy and loving life. It's like you captured a future moment. She's just so beautiful.

  5. What a lovely, confident child you're raising. Good job Mama!

  6. Beautiful. My heart just squeezed happily.

  7. I just love Ivy's style :)

  8. awww, this is so sweet!! ♥
    {and the crown looks just perfect on Ivy! i knew it would!}


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