June 28, 2012

You are only coming through in waves

What if my roots are un-rooting? What if all along my soil has been sand and shallow and that's just who I am. What if the foolish man just loved the ocean so much that he had to live by it to breathe and his house was just a shelter. Maybe he didn't even care that it all washed away because he was still by the waves that he loved. What about his heart? 

What if what is up is down and it is all really okay.

I am searching for the right way to put it, how I am shaken and the sea is chaos with big and power but I feel the most quiet, and incredible happiness, and I'm not worried that it's going to go away again this time.

This is a place holder, a record of my remarkable life. On this day I felt profoundly okay, and I know the way home.





  1. those days of feeling ok are remarkable, for certain.

    i need to be better about marking the placeholders to remind myself those ok-days come along more often than it seems.

  2. Summer has been therapy for me. You too?

  3. 1. I love your Pink Floyd reference. Perfection. And paradoxical with those precious pics.
    2. I love those days. Those shimmery days. Wish we had more of them.

  4. I've gone through a lot of this during the past year. Just being. In love with life. Living free. Despite others judging it. Not sure I expressed what I'm trying to say fully.... But maybe you got it. :)

  5. Love simple moments of perfection!

  6. Wow. Such a beautiful picture painted inside those words. XO

  7. Nothing else to say but, "Beautiful".

  8. I always find the beach as a place to regroup and reflect. Glad you were able to do the same.

  9. I understand,( well not exactly what you are going trough)but how life can bring certain unexpected turns and how nothing is stable but yet it is ok.

  10. Wow...So happy that you are living your dream..love you, mom


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