June 14, 2012

Hula Mula


Today is better. It took a while but I clawed my way out and probably the iced latte helped, which is tricky because I avoid caffeine when I'm anxious but it helps when I'm depressed. Right now I'm good. I'm praying that I'll feel even more relaxed on the plane. How embarrassing if my skin doesn't fit and my feelings don't feel right in front of Jeff's clients and co-workers. That's what's tripping me up but thankfully he's my stabilizer and if I'm with him, I'm okay.

I'd like it to be on the record that I actually like everything I've packed to wear and feel happy about it all, without the need to shop for anything new.

Hula Mula

I was dreading being apart from the kids but after today and all the yelling and screaming (them, not me, for once) I can say I am so very ready. As I was preparing Ivy again for my being gone, she burst into tears and I said "It's okay, you'll have so much fun!" and she said she was crying because she couldn't go to Grandma's RIGHT NOW.

We all desperately need this time out. It was super quiet while I've been writing here and then Gray shrieked up the stairs because Ivy bit him on the arm. It's only a little mark. He will live.


(I bought Ivy's ridiculous romper, by Hula Mula from Zulily.)


  1. That romper is amazing. I wonder if my Lily would wear it.

    I hope you have such a great time on your trip! It sounds like you and the kids are as ready as you will be. (I'm a bit jealous, SD is a wonderful place)

  2. OHHHHHH that romper is perfect!

    And I'm praying for some peace on the trip and that everything goes smoothly! <3

  3. I want Ivy's romper. ;) Have a great trip.

  4. "We all desperately need this time out."

    I forget this. Every time. I remember, and then I forget, as though my head is a slotted spoon and it dribbles out without my permission.

    I forget that my kids needs time away from their mama as much as I need teeny bits of rest.

    I forget that the break turns into a longing to be together which turns into gratitude when we're back. And, wow, I need that.

    Thanks for helping me to pull this thought back up onto my spoon.

    P.S. You're rad.

  5. So glad you're having a better day today. That's the tricky thing about dealing with depression. I'm thankful to have had a couple good weeks with no downward spirals. I hope this trip is great for ALL of you!

  6. So glad you're feeling better. Hope you have a great trip. That romper is perfection, by the way. :)

  7. California is relaxing, or it can be at least. I hope you can catch full breaths while you're gone, you're too wonderful to feel squashed.

  8. Why are we not neighbors? I feel like in an alternate timeline, we are neighbors. Best neighbors!

  9. 1.) I want Ivy's romper
    2.) I really wish we could see each other more often. With kids, with hubbys, and just for girl dates.
    3.) Excited for you that you get to wear cute outfits and go out with your honey and other grown ups. Enjoy those red toenails, too!

  10. P.S. I love that you say Jeff is your stabilizer.


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