June 3, 2012

First Recital

Ivy's first recital was today and my face still hurts from smiling. She was adorable. She also really likes being up on stage.

Her class did a ballet dance to "You've Got A Friend In Me."

Carter missed a baseball tournament game to be there- he probably has been looking forward to her performance more than anyone else. When he told his team he wouldn't be able to play, his coach said, "Well, Carter, that makes you a very good big brother."

asher & ivy, recital day

Asher came to see her. They are the cutest, ever. See them since they were just days old.

asher & ivy

ivy & asher, superheroes


  1. IVY AND ASHER. That photo number three. Oh my GOSH!

  2. You got a friend in me..perfect for ivy + asher , too!

  3. swoooooon, it's like Toy Story came to life - and got a whole lot cuter, with sparkles on top!! love it.
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  4. She is just adorable. And Carter IS a good big brother!

  5. Sweet, sweet big brother!!! You must be so proud of your adorable tiny dancer. :)

  6. I love these shots, and those kids, and this day SO much. He talked about her the whole way home. "Mama, Ivy did so good, huh?!"

  7. She is a doll! How old was she when she started dance? I have a (newly-turned) two year old who LOVES ballet, but I can't help but feeling that she's too young to start a formal class. I'd love some suggestions. Congratulations on having such a darling dancer and a sweet boy. :)

    1. Her class is ages 3-5 and she's 3. She was ready and LOVES it!


  8. How sweet! She is just so photogenic, although it seems as though it's just her- she beams light, huh?

  9. Great recital! she didn't miss a step or beat. She is a born to be on that stage...just like her momma. Love the pics of Asher and Ivy...Precious!

  10. Oh they are adorable and my son would like her hat ;).

  11. It sounds like Carter has a great baseball coach. That is a blessing.

    Ivy's costume is adorable. Lily (4 yo) had her first recital this weekend too. Her group's dances were clearly the crowd favorites. There is something just so sweet about 4 yo girls in costumes and makeup on stage, looking a little shell-shocked. Lily also took to the stage quite easily, not looking nervous at all. I laughed my way through her tap routine. So fun!

  12. That is so great! I love Asher and Ivy....they are so cute.

  13. Carter is so supportive and so sweet. Ivy looks like Jessie from toy story! And the third picture... so precious. I wonder if they will stay together and be so loving.


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