May 17, 2012

watermelon watermelon

Ivy watermelon dollhouse

Even in her busy schedule filled with digging through my yarn stash, finger skateboarding, and hat-fashion-show to Coldplay on her Hello Kitty CD player, Ivy took time to style a photo shoot. Key prop being a watermelon and her dollhouse as the backdrop.

happy happy day

Life is undoubtedly good around here.

as seen on ivy...
dress by limeapple via zulily
hat -local/mama made
watermelon (with seeds!) - Aldi

linking up with small style


  1. OH MY GOSH...I LOVE THIS KID..She is YOU all over the place! That outfit is just too cute!

  2. Haha, I love her session set up! Cute photos! (O: Stopping by from Small Style. Have a great day!

  3. that is awesome! love it. she looks beautiful

  4. she is precious. you can just feel her joy in that last photo!

  5. She is too cute for words! And SO happy!! Love that.

  6. gah, I love her. I need to start linking up with small styles, I adore it so...

  7. Ivy so gleeful in these photos! Love that.(:


  8. Oh IVY, so happy to see her at Small Style. BTW, I've been meaning to stop by and offer a huge, heartfelt congratulations to you on your amazing smashing success with LTYM. Wow. Well done.


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