May 16, 2012

Tree hole


At the park we made up songs for swinging and for brushing off the dirt when she fell. We peered into a giant tree hole and when she was done she was done and it was time to go.

"Eyebrows are very complicated," she said. "Why do we have these eyebrows from Jesus?"

We were lying down on my bed for a nap. I promised paints afterward if she'd take a rest with me. She traced my face with her fingers and we closed our eyes and whisper counted our drift-off. On thirty, her hand, fist round like a paw, fell softly to my side.


  1. I love the way you spin such magical tales. Also? I thought you wrote peed into a giant tree hole. haha!

  2. Her hair looks so RED in this picture! And if she thinks eyebrows are complicated now, wait until she has to pluck them / thread them / wax them.

    Sweet as always, Steph. I love coming here to get my dose of fellow mommyhood.

  3. Beautiful. New to your blog and really enjoying it.

  4. AWH! LOVE! Was this at tall tree? I want to go there.

  5. First off, what a brilliant idea....I'm going to use that one when I need a nap too.

    And second, be still my heart! <3

  6. This is so lovely. I'm new to your blog and I will be following for now on!


  7. Beautiful piece. Great Writing.


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