May 4, 2012


MAY FOUR 2012: Ivy's lopsided 'do, Gray mid-sneeze aka apparently allergic to lilacs now, too.

I was out with my girls last night and unfortunately while I was away and Noah was in charge for all of five minutes Ivy took the scissors to her locks... to be freshened up professionally later today... and fortunately Jeff interviewed the four on Ways to Listen To Your Mother and Consider Her Feelings, all of which are answers totally thought up by the kids and I'm proud to present to you:

Ways to Listen to Your Mother
and Consider Her Feelings

Don't annoy her
Don't bother her while she's cooking
Don't wake her up unless it's an emergency
If she is resting, stay quiet
Don't insult her cooking
Don't fight over her iPhone
Listen to her the first time
Don't beg her to do something
Pay attention if she's talking
If she tries to wipe your nose, let her
Don't interrupt her while she's shooting videos
Nobody scream, nobody talk, and nobody snore
Get dressed on time
Don't argue about your homework
Try and keep my room clean no matter how many times stuffed animals spill out of Gray's bed
Never put your finger in a cupcake
Don't mess up her pillows
Make her happy
Give her art presents from school
When you are at a restaurant, do not goof around
If she tells you she wants to take a picture with you, don't grunt or groan
Go to bed
Give her kisses
Don't ask her for doughnuts, because she'll get doughnuts if she wants to
When she's going to the bathroom, never knock on the door
Don't be rowdy
Don't spend too much time on TV or iPods, especially at night

Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana is next Thursday May 10 at 7 PM at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. I hope to see you there! 

I used to take photos of my kids on the first of every month, now it's on the fourth. Four for four... get it? You can see past monthly photos here.  


  1. Love it. A perfect mix of sweet and real. "Don't talk!" Ha--how many times have I said that in frustration? Sweet kids.

  2. At least her bangs can be fixed. :)

  3. okay the one about donuts is totally cracking me up!!! :D

  4. That's a damn fine list. See you on Sun and then on Thursday!

  5. i love your four on four pic series. I have four daughters now, and am going to start today! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. They look so tall...poor Gray with that allergy...Good list!

  7. Very sweet! I thin kmy fave is "Never put your finger in a cupcake"!

  8. Hee! I love their words, this idea, and how perfectly it works for Star Wars Day!

  9. Fantastic! The list item making me giggle is "When she's going to the bathroom, never knock on the door." I assume the codicil to that is "and don't go in, either." LOL

  10. Buckets of cuteness... I am going to print this out for my kids - Just so they know!!!

  11. The list sounds perfect. I'd add don't tattle unless there's blood or fire.

  12. I don't know what to say - I just want to comment. It's so cute :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. sorry--i weirdly put my email in that last comment; i don't know why!

    anyway, i just wanted to say that if anyone will cut hair with the scissors it will be my fourth. she has already broken a lot of rules and caused a lot of damage. i'm just waiting for it to happen.

    i think you did a good job cleaning it up so it looks nice!

  15. I love this list. In no small part because my kids would prolly say the same exact things.

  16. Oh this list is brilliant. So perfect. Nodding here.

  17. This is the perfect list. I think your kids must be geniuses.


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