May 6, 2012

Listen To Your Mother: In The News!

“I don’t have children, but motherhood is still a part of my life. I see my own mother push me to be better, even as I approach my 30s. I see my friends stumble as they learn how to become mothers to their young children… I see myself take on a maternal role with younger friends who still need guidance and support. Motherhood is more than raising a child to adulthood. It’s being supportive and loving to those around you and choosing to sacrifice your own dreams in favor of helping someone else achieve theirs.” – Katy Hoagland

 Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana is featured on the front page of today’s Lifestyle section in The Times. You can read the full article online: ‘Listen To Your Mother’ offers honest talk about motherhood.
Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana is Thursday May 10 at 7PM. Tickets are available at the Memorial Opera House box office and online

Know what you’re getting Mom or Grandma (or yourself) for Mother’s Day this year?
Cross-posted at Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana's website. You guys! Yesterday the box office said there were only 75 tickets left! The house seats 350! I'm so excited!!!


  1. I very much enjoyed the first one you had one and I can't wait to watch it via the internet, since I'm not local! :( But this Listen to Your Mother is just wonderful and congratulations at almost selling out - no doubt it will be a great evening! Thanks for sharing all about it with the rest of us!


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