May 29, 2012


Everything smells like sunscreen and air conditioning. We went rogue to the splash pad again. "Just me and you, mama." I like the life of no set times to be anywhere, nobody to meet. We'll see who we see when we get there.

My Facebook cover photo is of my kids. My profile picture is of me and Noah from my show. It hit me that this is what I have chosen to represent "me." My blog is one thing but Facebook, my personal space, and my mom-ness shimmied in without me ever thinking about it until now. I imagine if I had a Facebook timeline cover photo fifteen years ago, it would be of me in a play or with friends at an outdoor concert. That's what I loved to do back then. And if I wanted, I could still do and then show off all of that now. But I pick my kids because they are what I want to look at when I log in to Facebook. And they make me who I am as much as I made them them.

The sky is beautiful today, so bright with white stretched-cotton-balls clouds and Ivy sighed that she doesn't like that the sky is so blue. She'd rather it be pink. "And I'm going to need a very tall ladder to climb up there to change it."

If she could I believe she would. And maybe she will.

-just write


  1. And I believe she would if she could!

  2. ... always love these 'rambles' of profundity! You just capture the everyday moments of beauty! xo
    needle and nest

  3. Oh,such a sweet post. I could so see Ivy painting the sky pink. I love pink and I love that Ivy loves pink....

  4. As always, your words speak right to me.

  5. Love it! If I could I would change the sky to a pinkish orange all the in a perfect sunrise. If Violet could she would make it purple and it would be lovely.

    I love reading your heart and imagining Ivy's joy!

  6. I love your line, "And they make me who I am as much as I made them them." It's so true!

  7. ok, i had to search you on the effbooks just to see ;-) i'm nosy like that. i too have a photo of one of mine at the beach, a photo of me and the babe for my photo...the boundaries have trampled, i am them and they are me. i rather love it.

    ps: i see we have common interests, esp. dr. tenpenny - huzzah!

  8. Oh yes, Avi would do the same. If everything could be pink, the world would be good.


  9. Wow. I could use a ladder like that right now.....XO

  10. Perfect! I never thought about face book that way. Mine is of my oldest little guy (just turned 4 today) and the little personal photo is of me with all my kids.

    I love looking at my kids in pictures. I love my kids in pictures. I enjoy ever second of looking at them. I don't care if other people don't want to see them.

    I do. And that desire is me!

  11. Oh, I love this post! I can so relate. Thanks for your sweet comment on my interview on Catherine's blog today!


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