May 24, 2012

better than

Ivy & Noah

We hung out at the park while Carter had baseball practice last night. I needed the air and it was good. I just typed god by accident and it was that, too. I totally hogged the big swing and closed my eyes for a long time. It was better than yoga.

Gray & Hedgie

We were climbing in the car to go when I saw Gray put on a too-small shirt (it had already been passed down to Ivy but I guess he was out of short sleeves.) We share around here.

gray, ivy, noah at park

As seen on Ivy & Gray and Noah:

  • Ivy's top & shorts are handmedowns, Gymboree and Old Navy; shoes via the mini social
  • Gray's shirt & pants are by Tea Collection, who by the way is having a big sale now until Memorial Day- $10 tees & leggings, $15 dresses. I might have stocked up a bit. Especially on short sleeves. 
  • Noah's tee & pants are thrifted, Abercrombie and Gymboree; sunglasses- small paul for Target


  1. So glad to see Noah doing so good after oral surgery.

  2. That top photo is a killer,I love it.

  3. Better than yoga? Then I need to go swinging... ;)

  4. We all need a little swinging. I love that you guys share clothes.

  5. I love to take a few moments of time to swing when I take the kids to one of the parks. I really give my stomach a jolt by leaning back and closing my eyes. I guess that is why I am not a roller coaster person!
    PS- I love the first photo!

  6. I agree, swinging is the best! It's very therapeutic.

  7. Hooray for handmedowns. It's always so lovely to get them - especially for my oldest.


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