May 11, 2012


You know when you come home late from a loud concert and your ears are all stuffy and humming and you feel heavy with smoke the next day? 

I feel the complete opposite of that. Colors seem brighter and sounds are clearer and I am so sensitive to every word and beautiful thing. 

I missed my kids. That was all I could think about and when I got home Gray's Cubs blanket was balled on my bed and I could see just a tuft of his hair poking out and I was so relieved he was there. They are my touchstones. 

This is after the show. It's over, and I don't know what to think or say, I can only feel. And it feels good.


  1. Beautiful, exactly how I feel after a concert and about my son, too. I love that you can capture these kind of thoughts in words like this.

  2. You should feel proud! It was a magical and amazing night. I loved it so much. You did good.

  3. Hooray! Congratulations.

    This, though? "They are my touchstones." I cried.

  4. Oh. It causes me actual physical pain that I couldn't be there to see it. But I think you're afterglow is the perfect reaction. I'm sure it was incredible.

  5. You are a beautiful woman and mother and it shines through your words.

    Congratulations on a great show!

  6. It was a huge accomplishment that you put together and pulled off beautifully! And now I hope you enjoy the afterglow for a long long time!

  7. I'm so happy for you, friend.



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