April 6, 2012

There will be so many times.

Last night I'm sure I was the anti-super mom. I barked and was annoyed and felt like a fail of a mom. I hope what I've said up there is really the truth.

I'm humbled to be a part of the Mother Letters project- have you seen the words (my words!) they've made into art?

edited to add: You can see my original post featuring the above quote here


  1. I think this is serendipity because I posted today about being the non-superwoman and part of that is failing with my kids. Such a beautiful print and powerful words!
    Catherine Denton

  2. not only is the art perfect, so are YOUR words.

    love it

  3. What a lovely piece of art - and what inspiring words. We all feel like failures at times, but you only have to look into their eyes and see how much they love us to know we must be getting it more right than wrong. I hope anyway ;)

  4. Very cool! I will have to check this out! :) Go you!

  5. If we are taking about you it is most definitely the truth, if we are talking about me I generally just think I'm a failure. But it might be true for me too I suppose. :)

  6. Love the quote! Always inspired by your outlook. Thanks!

  7. Fame! You've been quoted!

    (I love the look of that artwork).


  8. That is so cool! Love the words. I hope they are true for me too! Especially around 4 p.m. at the end of the day. (My tend-to-get-irritated time of day.)

  9. Beautiful and stunning and all that is good. Love!


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