April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Ivy begged for a new Easter dress and I thought of the plenty good things in her drawer she could wear but then was overwhelmed with the immediate need that My Little Girl should have an Easter Dress, and a hat, and a pink slip with tulle, and of course new shoes, too. 

look at me, daddy
She immediately rushed upstairs to show Daddy when she was dressed.

We went to the early service this morning and the kids stayed in church with us. I looked over at Gray during the message and he was sitting up so still, like an angel, eyelashes tight and fast asleep. Everything felt right. I love those moments.

Easter 2012

The sun is just too bright. What an awesome complaint! Happy Easter.


  1. Gray cracks me up! It did feel right at church this morning. I enjoyed worshipping with my family.

  2. So sweet the way that your husband is looking at Ivy!

    Happy Easter.


  3. Oh, I do love it. What a way to celebrate the best day. XOXO

  4. Happy Easter! Y'all are adorable as ever! xo

  5. that first photo is awesome, nothing like a dad's love for his daughter.

  6. Of course she needed a proper Easter bonnet. Good call, mom. Especially since you've only got one little girl and believe me when I tell you that her cooperation on such matters won't last long...

  7. We had a beautiful Easter here too! It was the first Easter in a LONG time (like we couldn't remember the last time) we could do an egg hunt outside.

    Avi got a pair of sparkly pink shoes and a headband full of flowers for Easter and was definitely excited. We found one of my old dresses in the closet that even though it was about 4 sizes too big, she wanted to wear it. So, she was fashionable dressed.....

  8. This is pretty great. I say, tulle it up--your little girl is on the right path ;)

  9. Lovely, perfect, bright moments, indeed.


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