March 14, 2012

stolen, sunshine

sun scarf

One time, when my brother was little he broke into our neighbor's house and climbed through a window because he wanted to play and no one was answering the door. Because they weren't home.

hi there

Last night Jeff got home late and noticed that the boys' new bikes were missing from the garage. He woke me up to ask where they might be. I had no idea, but remembered closing the garage door around dinnertime. I didn't see or hear anything, and it's behind our house so it would be very unusual for someone to walk all the way back there but anyway. They were gone.

We called the police, at like 1 a.m. because that's what time it was when we discovered the theft and the police work 24/7 and so, we made a report, and hoped maybe they'd turn up? And then we had to tell the boys in the morning.

Carter and I hopped in the car and went to drive around the apartments nearby to see if we saw the bikes lying around. A couple kids from there are known to kind of help themselves to the boys' stuff from time to time, but it never leaves our yard, and we like to share. But the the bikes were kind of "put up" and were so new that our boys hadn't even really had a chance to ride them yet.

I wondered if maybe a couple of those kids came by and took the bikes for a spin and then I shut the garage, not realizing that the bikes were gone, and when they came back to return them maybe they thought we weren't home. And maybe they took the bikes back with them?

I never knew there were so many bicycle racks in the area, but we drove, and there in front of the last set of apartments were the two bikes, side by side.

We're still not sure how they got there and who took them, and if they only "borrowed" them - and if so - why didn't they just leave them outside our garage or in our backyard? But they are kids, and I have a feeling they just weren't thinking at all. Anyway, the bikes are back, and the garage will stay closed. And I'm already composing the ground rules for any kid that comes to play in our yard again. (Last year I had to teach them to not enter our home until we invite them in. Hello I still forget to close the bathroom door sometimes, y'know.) But I'm bummed that I have to be even more watchful now.


BTW, I announced the official cast list for Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana here. Did you see? I am so excited. This week has been such a rollercoaster of highs and lows. This is definitely the high!

As seen on Ivy this very sunny day...

scarf & tee: target
pants:  kate quinn organics via zulily
shoes: cienta via the mini social

Small Style at Mama Loves Papa 


  1. Oh no, so happy they were found but so disappointing that it happened.

  2. My bike got stolen when I was about Noah's age. I was devastated. DEVASTATED. I'm so glad that the bikes were found. And so sad that it happened.

  3. I think Ivy is going to need for two mini dachshunds to come visit the back yard in a few weeks! Ha ha they would love her!

  4. I'm so glad you found them!
    We have some serious neighbor kid rules. It makes me feel mean, but some kids make it necessary.:(
    I miss you.

  5. Rollercoaster, indeed!

    I'm so sorry about the bikes, but oh my - so very excited for you for LTYM!

    (It's so sad to shed light on these kinds of things to our children, isn't it?)

  6. it's great that you found the bikes! had it been around here, you would have never seen them again

  7. Oh so glad they were found. Bikes mean the world to my kids.

  8. i'm glad that you found the bikes! i hope it was an "accident" but it's still unfortunate.

    i bet the boys were so excited ;)

  9. so sorry about ground rules. it is never fun when a few poor choices, even made unintentionally, limnit the fun for everyone.

    hopefully it also taught your boys a few things about sharing and caring for property.

  10. I'm so glad you found the boys' bikes. It can be difficult explaining situations like this to children. I wish they could stay young and innocent and never know the harsh realities of life.

  11. LOVE that cast. SO wish I could be there to see the show. Man, that would be awesome.

    Ivy's pants are precious. I linked up to small style for the first time today. :)

  12. The cast is amazing and so is finding lost treasures. Love that y'all found em. <3

  13. I think they're going to bring it back because if not, they could have hide it or something. Oh well it doesn't matter, at least you had it back.

  14. So glad you found the bikes. My eldest son had his scooter taken when he was small and I will never forget how heartbroken he was.
    Love the scarf and tee. Ivy is one stylish kid.

  15. Allison chose the same scarf :) but in orange.

    And I'm with you on the neighborhood kids... I don't consider myself 'strict' by any means, but simple manners, knocking and *asking* for things... those are by *big* rules...

  16. So glad you guys found the bikes. I hope it was just kids being silly, forgetful kids. I love that scarf on Miss Ivy! ;)

  17. I'm glad you found the bikes, and I'm excited for Listen to Your Mother, and a few posts ago when you said you needed background music for your day-to-day - yep, that's me too :)

    By the way. Ivy is one beautiful little girl.

  18. I love how gracious you are about the bike deal. I used to leave my door unlocked all the time, figuring if someone came in and stole things they needed the things more than I did. Now, ti feels more like a safety deal with my little family and a big strange world full of hurting folks who make bad choices. So glad you show such grace.

  19. I love your grace, too. You're full of it, and it's a great reminder for me.

    My son's brand new bike was stolen years ago when I didn't lock it up at the Library. Some kids took it, but some other kids helped us get it back.

  20. You remind me of something simple yet profound I've been mulling -- to be the neighbor I want to have.

  21. I'm really glad you found the bikes!

    When I was 6 years old someone stole and trashed my bike. I still can't figure out what they possibly gained by doing it.

  22. So glad you found them! And so sad that you have to teach those boys about borrowing.

  23. I'm glad you found them, and took them back so sweetly.

  24. Hooray for getting the bikes back. How come I can't be as gentle and *I'm sure it was a mistake* as you?


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