March 6, 2012

Like Bobby Brady

Thunderous, garbage cans roll down our street it is so windy today.

We drove in the country and semi trucks kept harshing my horizon.

I have a hard time distinguishing between what is important and what doesn't really matter at all, because to me, everything matters so much. Heck, I think inanimate objects have feeelings and so anyway it's hard, when I see hurt and beauty in absolutely everything that is in front of me, and my eyes are always darting toward who or what might be falling into the cracks.

What is big and amazing to me could be only a speck of dirt to someone else. I've been the slow to respond, oh have I. But I'm waiting for plenty of answers or acknowledgements myself. And that's okay. That's your dirt. This is mine. And it's beautiful. I love when we're different.

I'm in practice, to know the difference between a mountain and a molehill. (I have a problem with them equally - often when it really is a monster of a mountain my reflex is to think it's only a tiny molehill.) I cope. I give myself pep talks from the driver's seat, "Let it go."  (But not too far, you might want to come back to it.)

I  revisit my dreams like a flash when I lie down in the same spot. If I have a bad dream, the next night I have to sleep on the opposite side of the bed. Jeff is accommodating.

Gray had his final dental appointment yesterday I can hardly believe it. I have looked forward to peeking in from this angle for a v e r y l o n g t i m e. He looks crazy adorable with his top front teeth missing and reminds me of Bobby Brady. I don't know why- I can't recall any Brady Bunch episodes where he was toothless but anyway. Through gauze Gray mumbled TEZHURSS when we got in the car and I knew what he meant and so we rode, to Toys R Us to get Ninjago Legos and then to the McDonald's play place because I am such a mom.


  1. Nothing wrong at all eith being "such a mom". Nice post.

  2. Your newest fan! I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.. You have a beautiful family!
    Lisa from Dothan/Valpo :)

  3. I am so glad it was his last dental appt! He is so sweet.

  4. girl, that mcdonald's play place is the nastiest place ever. and i only know because i am 'such a mom' too and i just can't help myself sometimes.
    i'm going to tell someone today that they are 'harshing my horizon' because, seriously? i can't explain it any better than that.
    (and, by the by, "that is your dirt. this is mine." might be the absolute most perfect thing i have ever read. ever.)

    1. *that's. (i should at least quote you right!)

  5. I have that same problem with thinking big things are little and little things are big. Also applies to activities. When I think it'll only take me a few minutes to do something, I end up working on it forever. And these enormous EPIC things take a fraction of the time I allotted.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one making mountains out of mole hills and being distressed by the pain I see everywhere. However, I would like to learn how to make mountains into mole hills...that sounds useful!

  7. oh, my heart always finds home in your words. tonight is no different.

  8. Oh am I soooo a mountain/mole hill mixer upper!

  9. I feel things BIG, too.

    And am also, SUCH a mom.

    Hooray for gauzy teeth and Toys R Us and -le sigh- even hooray for McDonalds.

  10. Being such a mom is what I'm trying to remember is a priority to me lately. I love that every blog I visit tonight is reminding me of this! ;) I must really need to hear it!

  11. It's nice to know someone else gives themselves "pep talks" - I often have to remind myself to "let it go" before it totally consumes every thought.

  12. i totally give myself those "pep talks" too. but, if i think hard about it, i realize that i'd rather care "too much" than the opposite.

  13. Oh, I got lots 'o dirt! ;) xo

  14. You can go to Toys R Us all you want since we get a paycheck from there! I don't mind you being such a mom! Besides he went through all that dental work? I think you SHOULD be such a mom!


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