March 1, 2012

Flower Child


It has been noted that the most popular souvenir I've ever brought back from a trip is the $3.99 pack of pirate crusaders (basically red and black army guys) I grabbed for Carter from Cracker Barrel. Purchased at breakfast the day I left to come home, of course.

pirates & crusaders

The kids have been fighting over these plastic figures, and Ivy sneaks and plays with them when the boys are at school.


She does love the tutu-wearing pink plush pony purse I got her, too.

(I'm really glad I checked it before bed- she had stashed away two sticks of string cheese and some chocolate eggs.)

One of my online besties, Kim at Prairie Mama worked her fingers to the bone and sold her finest at Blissdom's handmade marketplace. Of course I came home with this twirly sundress dress for Ivy.


It's so happy and sunny just like Ivy just like the day we had yesterday just like the spring that is almost here I can breathe it.

flower girl

As seen on Ivy...

dress- Prairie Mama
tank- American Apparel via The Mini Social
pants- Kate Quinn Organics via Zulily
scarf- Gymboree
hat- local shop

Small Style at Mama Loves Papa


  1. Ivy is just adorable, and growing into a beautiful lady :-)

  2. I love it on her!!!!!! Soooo cute. It really was made just for her.

  3. oh man, those little army dudes are all over our house! and jess loves playing with them too ;)

    she looks beautiful. as always!

  4. Love Ivy's entire look :: she is stylin'!
    I think it's hilarious how we try so hard to buy the perfect toy...and they end up loving the ones we think least about. Great find!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. deleted because I had an embarassing spelling error! eek!

  6. Oh man, "two sticks of string cheese and some chocolate eggs," Ivy cracks me up!

  7. so cute! i can't wait til my baby girl dress up!her style is so cool! ;)

  8. Ivy is a mini-fashionista! Love her style!

  9. Love the dress! I'm going to Kim's shop right now. I must have a Prairie Mama original.

  10. I am in love with your blog! glad I found you!:)
    visiting from

  11. I love all of Ivy's wonderful colors she as on! She looks so happy! Yay.

  12. i love how happy she is all the time. she is adorable. love the outfit

  13. I would sneak chocolate eggs into my purse too... ;)

    LOVE that dress. K totally needs some Prairie Mama clothes!

  14. Once again.. Ivy is our fashion role model - what a cutie 24/7!
    (I confess I remember stealing army dudes from my Kindergarten teacher... they are the coolest!). ;o)
    Needle and Nest

  15. it's all so perfect. that ivy.

  16. She is just the sweetest. I think Ivy and my third little one would be the best of friends. ;)

  17. I love that she had string cheese and chocolate in her bag. That made me smile. That girl.... :)

  18. Another beautiful outfit. :)


  19. Love the hat! We have one that is very similar. And I would so steal that scarf if Ivy were my daughter. ;)

  20. She is so cute :-) I have two boys and they are also fighting over their soldier plastic figures. I don't know what's with those toys, that they like it much.


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