February 29, 2012

Leaping Lizards

go for it

We hadn't been to Target in a while (I KNOW) and Ivy was digging the new displays and color signs. "It's all decoration-y in here!" We bought paper towels and thumbtacks.


She helped me post Listen To Your Mother audition fliers around town and such. I compensated her with a trip to the park. When it's freezing cold you get the whole playground all to yourself, btw.

little hand

monster boots

We went to lunch with my mom and I'm noticing, with increasing wonder and sometimes annoyance? that the people seated around us tend to stare at Ivy. A lot. I get that she's cute and entertaining but they almost watch her like she's a show. And I feel like we should respond or engage or hide her or something by their constant watching but really I just want to eat my salad and visit with the company I'm in. Does this make sense? Granted, it's mostly old people, and more often cute than not, but still. She eats it up anyway and I just play along.

february slide

(As seen on Ivy - dress & pants are Kate Quinn Organics, boots are Emu, all found at Zulily )


  1. that is a thing i deal with too. Monkey is so cute he always get stares. The thing that gets me really annoyed is when they dont give me eye contact.

    1. It's such a STRANGE thing to complain about, but it kind of weirds me out, you know? LOL

  2. i had that in target not long back... an older man who came up and started addressing just my 3 year old daughter in a toy aisle. when she was shy, and drew back, he asked if he was normally shy. So, I was frank. told him since we make it clear that she shouldn't speak to people she or her mom doesn't know, I don't ask her to reply even politely in these settings. The man, while I am SURE meant no harm still didn't get it. Thankfully my daughters brutal honesty helps out {for once!}

  3. It is a strange thing. Very.

    LOVE her dress. LOVE the empty playground.

  4. we get that too, I understand. Playground are so much fun!

  5. Well, Ivy IS absolute cuteness!
    People will stare at our children as well. Usually it is older people, and they always want to talk to the children. Sometimes there is a little cheek pinch involved. Usually I am all cool with it, but sometimes it can be a little distracting. I try to always take it with a smile and a "thank you".

  6. She is such a fashionista. Love her.

    And yes, we get that too. Sy is unique with his blue glasses and walker and even though there are only 3 kids, they are all very small which makes it seem like more....I don't know.

    The thing I hate most is the judgmental looks I get whilst walking around with my passel of children. Or worse, when people ask, "How old ARE you?" I want to wear a sign saying, "I'll be 30 this year." :)

  7. Love the 'lil cutie helper and the empty-cold-park. It is all sorts of wonderful that way, isn't it?

  8. Admittedly, I might stare too. She's just so dang cute!! ;) But I get it... and K will go up to ANYONE!!

  9. Oh I feel you, I do. My girl is about the only caucasian kid for miles, and, like Ivy, she exudes cute. Her antics usually elicit endless comments, waves, smiles, stares, and peek-a-boos. And it's weird, but I usually just let her enjoy the attention. Because, although I feel strange about all the attention, she loves it. And as a self-absorbed mother, I secretly revel in the comments and admiration of my cute kid, too.The only thing I don't love is when random strangers take my kid's picture.

  10. Yeah. I understand that they want to look at my son...but don't touch him or take pictures of him. He's very wary of strangers and it freaks him out. He will cry...which has happened.

  11. We get stares and the "boy you have your hands full" comment constantly. Don't think it is because they are cute (even though they are of course) but more because people can't believe that I am actually taking them all out somewhere. Love the boots!


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