February 3, 2012

The Feb Four


Welp, this month's photos was a task. The kids did not want to strike a pose. At all. We went to the beach because the weather here has been so unseasonably warm and I'm not sure we'll be able to say we went there the first week of February ever again. The foggy sky against the water was mind blowing amazing. So much so that my camera refused to even hardly take a photo, and soon we lost light, but that was okay. It was beautiful.


PS I was gone at a church thing and Jeff took The Most Adorable Video Ever of Ivy.


I used to take photos of my kids on the first of every month, now it's on the fourth. Four for four... get it? You can see past month photos here. 


  1. You can't really see where the sky ends and the water begins. Wow!

  2. Love this!! I hope I can get mine done today- half my kids are sick. :(

  3. Oh my word, they are growing up so fast!! I adore Ivy's cape. Els seems to not be able to "function" with one on :)

  4. "I can't find my purse ANYwhere!!" ha - so cute!

    These are lovely.

    I once again took my photo on the 4th. I must be pretending that I have another child. ;)

  5. I love, LOVE the first photo.
    Just awesome

    and the video?

    a treasure.

  6. I love that you do this, and now that I have 4, there is now reason why I should not...

  7. keep track by taking monthly pictures is so smart. it is hard to remember to be intentional about pictures, instead of just happy snapping and realizing you missed something or someone when it is too late. I like it!


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