February 6, 2012

Everything is coming up Milhouse!

It's weird because apparently this year and I seemed to start off on the wrong foot. But now, settling into it, things are beginning to click and not really make sense but just finally work. Normally all this instability would have me in knots, but I had an adjustment at the chiropractor the other day and am just going with the flow. I'll have more bloodwork done this week and hope for real answers this time. I am feeling okay.

We are no longer down to one car- Jeff and I both got new-to-us vehicles within the past week. I went to Indy yesterday, yes, the Super Bowl was there, and I sat in the audience for Jimmy Fallon's Live Special after the game with my friend June. It was an awesome day not planned much at all, kind of just happened thanks to us showing up and friends offering help and me accepting it. Emily let us park at her house and then she dropped us off to get tickets before she drove herself to church. When we had no place to go mid-day until the show started late last night, Sarah picked us up downtown and brought us to her home, where she fed us and threw a Super Bowl party with other fabulous friends like Katy and Erin (and Emily again!), whom I am all the better for being able to visit with and enjoy.

Yesterday June and I ate gorgeous sushi for lunch in downtown Indy and later rocked out to this, live, with exploding confetti and onstage fireworks. Today, back home, Jeff and I took Ivy for her first sushi (she liked the gyoza, miso soup, some happy roll and Ramune) and later we sat in the school auditorium for the boys' choir concert. I will not compare myself yesterday and today, nor the two events. I am thankful that I was her then, and her now. I don't have to settle or make excuses, explanations for one or the other. Both were equally amazing. Both have their own kind of fireworks.

"Everything is coming up Milhouse!" I told June. We delighted in each little thing the entire day. The moon in the dark morning as we drove I-65 at 5 am. The friendliness of strangers, the perfect timing, the too good to be true (but true), the weather, the parking spot, the hot dogs after the show.

There's this new ease that I had somehow previously resisted without even knowing it, and now I'm leaning in. Like it scratches that itch in just the right spot. The one you forgot about but now remember in its absence and you think, this is living. 

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  1. You embrace life with all its twists and turns like no one else I "know".


  2. Glad you had an amazing time and that your car situation is better. Ivy is just so cute. :)

  3. Accepting help and delighting in the day - perfect.

    (I'm glad that you're feeling a titch better.)

  4. What beautiful contrast, with consecutive days that remarkably involved similar activities.

    I had latent jealousy, by the way. Sitting at dinner, I had no desire to be anywhere but my bed at 11:00. But after watching that live intro, I began to hate the fact that I missed it! (not that I had an option to go, but that was stellar!)

  5. it never ceases to amaze me how much truth there is to the saying "attitude is everything"...

  6. oh yes! I feel this often! My brother is a professional musician {your story will be me visiting him June 4th when he's a musical guest on David Letterman!!} so some days I get to do glammy things like be at Churchhill Downs on the 4th of July watching horse races and drinking mint juleps like I owned the place, then the next morning, drive back with my kids and spend the day swimming, making stories up about moon rocks and delighting in the small. Sometimes it can be an uncomfortable rub because I need both to exsist. Other days, it's just glorious. Because I get to exsist, and I get to do both...

  7. Peace resonates in your words. I hope it lasts.

  8. Accepting help is wonderful...when we finally agree! Glad you had good memories to add to your arsenal!

    I'm new to you and don't know why you need bloodwork, but I hope you are closer to finding an answer and healing.

  9. Accepting the day. Perfect. (Also how amazing you got to see JIMMY!)

  10. I had a perfect super bowl Sunday. It was the perfect amount of activity for me. And I'm so glad I could see you, and meet June, of course!

  11. Oh to find that balance where you can do the girls stuff and do the family stuff and be just okay. I am so glad you had such a great few days Steph. You totally deserve it!

  12. You got to watch Jimmy FAllon LIVE?
    Okay, so I am so JEALOUS!!!!! I LOVE JIMMY FALLON! I want to go to NYC just to go to his show!

    As does my husband. he likes him too!

    Oh, I am so JEALOUs! Did I say that already?

  13. I'm sure everyone is giving you opinions as to what could be wrong... so, I hope this is received well. lol I remember when I was sick and couldn't figure it out, everyone had an opinion. Anyway, have you ever considered Candida? Here's a great questionaire for you: http://www.wholeapproach.com/candida/questionnaire.php In 2007 I went on the Candida diet and felt like a whole new person! Now if only that was my only health problems now. lol I pray you get to the bottom of your health, soon. Janelle


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