January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012


Less than a moment after this photo was taken, snow flurries came out of nowhere. 

We spent the day at my parents and yes we all ate black-eyed peas, and stuffed peppers. The dog peed and Gray got his pants wet and spent almost the entire time we were there in the bathroom. The first hour or so we sorta forgot he was in there. In my defense, I was playing the longest game of checkers, ever, with Carter.

And when we put Gray's pants in the wash he had said, "besides, I had to go number two anyway." So I kind of thought he was still going to the bathroom. We found him just sitting in there in his underwear staring at the wall. Noah gave him his DS to play with until his pants were finally dry. Then he came out of the bathroom and we went home.

Psst- Gray's pants (and his shirt, and Ivy's dress) are from Tea Collection, of course, and they have a huge sale starting today. Take an additional 25% off all sale items with code 25OFFSALE . Had to share. Tea has been our fave since Grayson was a baby.


  1. best shot ever! and i'm not gonna lie, there are moments when sitting in the bathroom with just me and the wall sounds downright heavenly. that gray's onto something.

  2. We were packing up to come home NYE and forgot to even watch the bell drop! Oops! Have you tried Tea for you? I ordered 2 adult tops during their last sale, one did most certainly NOT fit but the other I haven't had a chance to try yet. Sad cuz I really really really wanted it to work... :)

  3. The glasses are adorable!!!

    Happy 2012!

  4. omg, hilarious! I'm impressed that he was there that long. My kids would've been yelling or running out already.


  5. I love it when I send them to their room for time outs and forget about them. I usually think "Man! The kids are being so nice and quiet!" only to realize that they're segregated and that THAT is why they're behaving.

  6. oh, those goggly eyes are too cute for words! thanks for sharing such a heartwarming photo of your brood.

  7. Hi Stephanie, I found your blog a little while ago. I have recently moved from Ireland to the U.S. and began blogging then. I loved your monthly family photo posts and they inspired me so much that I have started my own. It's such a great way to keep track of the boys midst so much change. I love your photo this month! Cool glasses. Happy New Year to you all. I wanted to say thanks for such a great idea, my family back home love it.


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