January 15, 2012

Save the date!


Well, I had a meeting at the Memorial Opera House on Thursday for the 2012 Listen To Your Mother show and it went smashing!

I literally skipped out of there in my Uggs, in the snow, and floated the rest of the day. And listen to this... within the hour after the meeting I was getting emails from Adam, received a phone call from Heather just to chat, and then I ran into Megan at Target! How wonderful is that.

And now... the big reveal: This year's Listen To Your Mother show here in Northwest Indiana will be on Thursday May 10 at 7 PM.


Find all the info you'll need about the upcoming show.

Check out the Listen To Your Mother National site to find a show near you!

And I do hope you've watched our show from last year? Prepare to be wowed!

Photos are from Listen To Your Mother 2011, taken by Beth Fletcher Photography


  1. It's all so exciting! Can't wait to hear Valpo's stories for 2012!!

  2. how fun! right around my due date :)

  3. Oh Steph, I am so going to bring LTYM to Denver next year. You are so inspiring. Ann sent me the app and I chickened out. I just wasn't ready, you know?

    Look out, 2013.

  4. So exciting, I REALLY want to attend. Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan are just a road trip away right? Maybe I can find another local blogger to go. Would love to audition to read but not sure I can do it. Reading while blubbering is not my most attractive state.


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