January 9, 2012

Everybody Loves Carter

everybody loves carter

Days before Christmas (and the ER visit and the lice) Carter had an awful stomach bug. I am thinking the loss of that one night, and the odd nights to come almost three weeks ago, is what set me so off kilter and only now I'm finally starting to see clear through the fog.

But, there was sweetness. When Gray heard Carter was sick, he ran to him and soothed, "Can I come rub your back to make you feel better?" and Carter said, "That would be wonderful."


  1. Lovely! Did you manage not to have anyone else get sick?

  2. Oh sweet!!! YOur kids are so darling even in the depths of illness. Gotta love them!!!

  3. That is the sweetest!!! I love your kids.

  4. Carter has such a tender heart. Love him to pieces.

  5. One of the things that make my heart swell the most is watching my kids love each other. I'm getting all teary just thinking about it. I from-the-center-of-my-being pray so hard that they will remain friends for a lifetime. So many siblings don't and that makes me so sad.

    You have lovely kids, Steph.

  6. Giant, huge, resounding "Awwww" - nothing in the world quite like it.

  7. How sweet! What a good job you are doing raising these kind little people.

    I had a killer virus from hell around Thanksgiving and it took until Dec 20th or so before the fog lifted. Take care of yourself!


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