December 7, 2011

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

around the christmas tree

So, Jeff and I have this tally going on- since the day after Thanksgiving we've been keeping track of how many times we've heard Rockin Around the Christmas tree (sung by anyone) and surprisingly we're only like up to seven or eight. The first weekend I think we were at 5! Anyway. I've kind of taken a break from having the Christmas music on in the house. Maybe when it snows I'll really be into it.

I'm still car-less, but that doesn't keep friends from coming to get me. Monday this lovely chica came and took me to lunch, and today Love picked us up and took us to her place for a play date. Ivy has a blast with Bianca and Clay, and jammed out with Jude and Nico. I was in awe of their ginormous Christmas tree. Seriously.

Christmas 2011

pilla' fight!

pillow fight

pile o babies

Right now it would be super cool if you could check out the Ugandan necklaces that Love is selling for a special reason/exciting news - I'm so thrilled for her family. They are the real deal, and they inspire me inside and out.

Pee Ess so does this video...

thanks to Sara Sophia for sharing it! The kids loved it.

As seen on Ivy for Small Style this weeklio

I had the dress Ivy is wearing saved in my faves on etsy forever. It's way too big, but one day I finally just bought it- it's thrifted/vintage Healthtex? I think? from 3 Ring Circus. I didn't plan on her wearing it anytime soon but she had other plans. And um, it's her favorite. Her heart dress! You know what, two sizes too large and she rocks it anyway.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful tree! So glad you have such caring friends.

  2. that tree is awesome and so is that room. looks like so much fun!

  3. Too big means she will just wear it for a really long time and you will definitely get your money's worth. :)

  4. She's adorable! And don't even get me started on that tree. Wow. Beautiful.

  5. that lunch out was the best day out i have had since justin was born. i mean it. it needs to happen more!

  6. Love that dress- you'll get so much wear out of it- awesome!'

    And amazing tree! Beautiful!

  7. yesterday was refreshing and the kids loved having ivy here.

    i'm thankful for you.

  8. Good friends are just THE best, aren't they? And that tree is amazing. Definitely a good one to "rock around"! :D

  9. your tree is incredible. all I can do is stare at your tree, I hardly noticed there were children in these pictures!

  10. The theme for this tree is Tradition with a Twist, which encompasses the woodland outdoors with the warmth of a home.


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