December 2, 2011

Moving Pictures

at the gate
couldn't resist a gif of the kids at the gate, grand rapids

More stuff by me this week...

And for the record, I'm still embarrassed.

P.S. for "as seen on ivy" - linking up late with Small Style, Ivy's "wallpaper" dress is misha lulu, tee is tea collection, legwarmers by me!, glitter shoes via zulily


  1. that's awesome. i can see why you made it, i could watch it over and over and they aren't even my kids! ha!

    also, the legwarmers rock!

  2. love this!! (x a million!)

  3. Wow!!! Now that's a cool photograph!!! Love it!!!

  4. HOW cute is this? I freaking love it.

  5. i can't get over tiny ivy in your blog header. she's grown so much!

  6. ha, i love that slide! your kids sure know how to enter with style.

    we just got our tree up an hour ago, and i'm happy to report that all of our limbs (and our marriage) are still intact.


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