December 19, 2011

Jamming til the jam is through

6 days til Christmas

Bob Marley Sunday mornings because of course.

Last night I found a small slip of paper in Gray's backpack reminding parents not to forget to pack their bathrobe and slippers for the Polar Express party on Monday! 5 minutes later I'm at Target just before closing time buying a bathrobe and slippers because of course.

If I had a car today I'd go get stuff for baking and the teacher gifts I've yet to purchase but instead it's going to be do-laundry and present-wrapping day all day long. If I wasn't forced to slow down I don't think I ever would.

Six days until Christmas.


  1. For some reason, kids dance like maniacs to Marley. I have some awesome footage of mine...

    SLOW DOWN. It's not a race.

  2. Oh, I think you'd slow down and appreciate the moments eventually. Because of course.

  3. Your tree is so pretty and your wrapping paper matches just so :)

  4. (not our tree- taken at Grandma's house, of course.) :)


  5. I am so living your life - it is too funny for words!!! I would also have to dash off for a gown!!! And my mom-in-law actually lent us a car for the day... Did all our Christmas shopping in two hours and was home again... we like being home it would seem!!! MIL isn't impressed she meant us to go out for the day and have fun!!! Umm...paint, play do, laundry, snacks, swimming, naps, library books - I think just we had just a bit of fun!!!


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