December 6, 2011

in no particular order

the path of freckles under Gray's left eye

the Hello Kitty and Angry Birds bandaids next to the Tylenol PM

the empty kitchen sink

that my kids love each other, the this:

at bed check the other night...

the moment at the end of the day when I remember I did read to Ivy, snuggled on the couch, did crafts with Gray, spent time with my Bible and prayed, a lot, and even though all that I still feel so much less than and not enough and a little sad... but I know that it's all going to be okay.


  1. Aww all of those are so precious, and yes it's going to be ok :-)

  2. Oh, my friend. You are so more than, and absolutely enough, and I'm sorry you are sad. You're right that it will all be OK. I am praying for you right now. Love you.

  3. when you can say that your kitchen sink is empty and you read books and crafts and prayed.....well that is a success in my book.

    I understand the doubt and the down days, I do. Know that if you ever need an ear or a shoulder, I am here for you.

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. I hate those days when I feel that way. I wish I would remember pray more. I hope that tommorow is brighter day for you!

  5. That is just the best picture!

  6. I hear you. It will be okay. It really will.

  7. i know that feeling.

    and oh that photo...absolutely precious!

  8. I know the feeling. I'm glad you reflected on ALL you achieved rather than vice versa. Too often we fester on our shortcomings.

  9. love the picture!
    hope you feel in a better mood soon, I know that kind of feeling, but remember everything will be ok!

    Happy wednesday!

  10. I LOVE that picture of your kids:-).

  11. So glad it WILL all be ok...and that we are truly NEVER alone in any of it :)
    Praying your weekend is blessed!!

  12. I totally get the bandaids next to the Tylenol. Funny how some things just strike you, right.

    Prayer always helps me, too. Hugs.


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