December 3, 2011

Holly Days

holly days

Last night we went to our downtown Holly Days celebration, full of lights and ice sculptures and carols with the mayor on stage. Noah saw his teacher, I was happy to hug and meet friends, we bought fresh caramel and cheese popcorn, and then headed to a local diner where we barely fit at a round table for six but I found myself not-panicking at the thought of another child. In that moment it sounded so right. The boys were talking about how fun it was when Ivy was just a baby, and they are the ones that said it would be fun to have another. Huh. That doesn't really mean anything at all, but it did make me smile. And super happy in that very moment, and even now still.


  1. We are probably done having children, but I love that my kids still talk about another baby and how much they love having a baby around. Makes me think maybe I am not as grouchy and tired and overwhelmed as I sometimes feel.

  2. We have four also, my youngest was a year yesterday, and already- to my panic- I have not panicked moments! We have to be done. We are done! But it is nice to know that it would be ok if we weren't. :)

  3. I love it. The boys ask about another baby every now and then, too. It's sweet that they have fond memories of the days of their little siblings as a baby.

  4. Our baby recently turned 1 (number 4)and I wish that we hadnt decided we were "done". Hubs says that when he completes P.A. school and is settled in a job we can adopt a sibling pair from Africa. I look forward to adding to our family, just about the time our littles are starting school. Would love to read an announcement of a little one on the way... just sayin'.

  5. how fun! we missed our little town tree lighting and parade tonight since the baby was sick, but it was fun to read about yours! we have four babies and are officially "done", but have been considering adoption from Africa like Melissa above. I don't know yet if that's God's plan for us or not. we'll see I guess!

  6. Our city's tree lighting is tonight! My three girls ask for another baby almost daily! But...we are done...


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