November 5, 2011

What it's really like

paper airplane

Carter's really into paper airplanes and origami lately. Grayson came crying to me that Noah pushed him down on the driveway and I asked what he did to make Noah mad and he said he kicked him in the nuts and butt.

All the while, Ivy prances between them "look what I can do!" and I have to choke back the tears at this charmed and beautiful life.


  1. Can I just say that I am so glad that you asked Grayson what he did to make Noah mad first.

    It's 1:00 here and the girls are just now stirring. It is the first day of a 4 day weekend and with no plans until the afternoon I just let them be teenagers and sleep in. I smiled and watched them sleep and thought what a wonderful life this is.

  2. I used to swear that my boys would never say "balls" or "nuts" and now it's a daily phrase. :)

  3. I am laughing so hard...Out of the mouth of Gray!

  4. HAHAHA!!!!! So perfectly summed up. Sounds exactly like my three boys and my daughter. :)

    Kat@Seeking Sanity

  5. My kids say bootie all the time.

    Especially when they are wiggling it.

    "shaking my bootie! shaking my bootie!"

    Oh, boy!

    I am glad that your tears are because you are thankful for you life!

    Gianna Rae

  6. Awesome! :)

  7. Oh, that sounds so much like my day, except it was the baby girl making everyone mad... and yet I can hear them all giggling downstairs together. It really is a charmed life.

  8. That's hysterical!!
    Soren would say to his brothers, "Uh, nuts is not an appropriate word, you know?"
    Then he would proceed to tell the cashier at the grocery store that "my brother, Jonas, kicked me in the nuts."
    Gotta love it:)))

  9. I love it when we have moments like that! I also love the incredibly honest answers we get when we stop to ask the questions! My favorite answer from one of my daughters when I asked her to tell us what she was sorry for (she'd done something to one of her sisters,) and she said very honestly..."Sorry for NUTHIN!"

  10. Seriously charmed. I can just picture Ivy twirling around between all the boys!

  11. That IS what it's really like. And we love it.

  12. I am laughing SO HARD right now, I might cry!!!! BAWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  13. Too funny!! This reminds me of how it was growing up with three brothers and me the only the girl.


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