November 3, 2011

Small Fall Style

small style michigan

Sometimes I hide that skirt in the bottom of her drawer, because it's the only thing she wants to wear -- usually backwards at that. And the boots, almost always on the wrong feet.

Small Fall Style

In Michigan this past weekend we played outside and the weather was really perfect, with a chill here and there, so I'm glad I brought coats. (That one in particular was passed down to us by our friends in Colorado. Thank you!)

As seen on Ivy for this week's Small Style

coat- mini boden
skirt-  addie & ella via the mini social
leggings- noppies via zulily
boots- target

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  1. i still love that skirt! It always inspires me to want to sew something similar for Azi! ;o) Enjoy the rest of your week sweet mama!
    needle and nest design

  2. her and jonas should hang out. he was so funny about certain pants for the longest time AND wore his rainboots (everyday) on the wrong feet.

    i love these kids!

  3. Hand-me-downs from friends are the best! I pass most of Grace's clothes on to co-blogger Cathy, and there is nothing so sweet at seeing pictures of her Lulu in Gracie's outgrown clothes. Such a bond of friendship!

    Joy has some clothes that have to get hidden in the back of the drawer, too :-)

  4. Seeing Ivy's sweet smiling face while wearing that coat makes my heart melt. Lots of happy times associated with it and it was sent with love.

  5. Love her layers! She's too sweet.

  6. She's got creativity, she's probably going to be uber stylish when she's older. :)

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  7. Ivy is always so adorable dressed- and just plain adorable! I love your girl!

  8. She is such a cutie and a budding fashionista:-) xoxo

  9. If that was my skirt I would want to wear it all the time too. It's fabulous!

  10. How I enjoyed spending time with Ivy that weekend! What a little doll! Aunt Lisa was eating up all her special attention. : ) (Her cousin, Anne, always puts her boots on the wrong feet...must be a family thing!)


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